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Delivery Fails (16 pics)

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  • 2 Dec, 2020  |
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My diploma that I spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to get.

1 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Someone else’s groceries were delivered to my door. I called the grocery store and they put it on the delivery service to deal with. I did put the perishable items in my fridge and are hoping someone will come knocking.

2 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Ordered $700 worth of PC parts that arrived like this, thanks UPS.

3 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Not so new anymore.

4 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Ordered flour and some other bits. Postman was not happy. Ooh Amazon...

5 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Hey FedEx, thanks for delivering my wife’s $1100 phone. I appreciate the care you took. The mailbox is empty btw.

6 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Got a double cheeseburger delivered. Came with no burger :(

7 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Well UPS finally delivered my tv stand with tempered glass shelves.

8 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

This is how my dad’s 250 yr-old Japanese porcelain pot was delivered.

9 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

This is how our pizzas arrived.

10 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Staples forgot ONE ruler in my last shipment, so they made another delivery?!

11 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

Yes! My package finally arrived! I can't wait to take it home and see what's inside!

12 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

When the package is waiting but the recipient hasn’t shown up at the post office:

13 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

This was just delivered. My door opens out.

14 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

My mom surprised me with an a delivery of my favorite pizza & ice cream from Ohio to LA for my birthday. She packed it in a cooler on ice & shipped via UPS for $350+ so it could be delivered next day during my birthday party. UPS lost the package for 2 days and delivered on the 3rd - refused refund.

15 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

I’m a UPS Driver. This was how my truck looked on the first stop of the day. It’s not even our peak season yet.

16 Delivery Fails (16 pics)

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