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Smart Solutions (20 pics)

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  • 30 Nov, 2020  |
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“My parents-in-law solved the struggle of moving around a Christmas tree. Even the height can be adjusted.”

1 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“The Uber Eats driver couldn’t find my address, so he had to light the beacon.”

2 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“A year ago, I went blind. But it didn’t prevent me from modifying and solving a Rubik’s cube.”

3 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“The spotted dog has a tendency to wander off. Stubborn old Mr. Basset Hound does not. Problem solved!”

4 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I’m tired of being my cat’s door crew. One shoe makes it so the cat can’t open the door too far and the other makes sure it closes behind her.”

5 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I work for a cell phone carrier and my boss broke his finger so he glued the tip of a stylus to the end of the splint.”

6 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“Guy at a drive-through handed me my change like this. It’s genius because I always drop the coins.”

7 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“My mother is a taco shell genius. She just blew my little mind.”

8 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I don’t like sweets so my daughter figured it out and made me a pizza cake.”

9 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“My dad’s goat kept getting his horns stuck in the fence. Problem solved.”

10 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“My parents gave me a gift for college today, which was all the money that my mom found in my pockets when doing my laundry.”

11 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I hate crying while chopping onions.”

12 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I use a beard trimmer to shave off all the pull threads left by my cat clawing furniture. Makes it a lot less noticeable.”

13 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“This is a spray for my daughter who’s afraid of spiders. I mixed some perfume with water and now she uses it whenever she thinks there’s a spider.”

14 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“My brother’s girlfriend asked him to make the house cozier. He wrapped the staircase and put a montage of their life together on it.”

15 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“A smart car driver parked far enough back so people wouldn’t think there was an open spot.”

16 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I painted my remote white and now it’s easier to find.”

17 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

In a Munich sports shop, customers get their feet scanned to make the best shoe choice, allowing them to fit anatomically.

18 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“My tattoo artist husband made art for our daughter’s first kindergarten field trip so she’d know which lunch bag was hers.”

19 Smart Solutions (20 pics)

“I made my own home office ’busy light’ so that the kids know when not to disturb me.”

20 Smart Solutions (20 pics)


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