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Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

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  • 26 Nov, 2020  |
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Rồng Dragon

These Vietnamese Dragons are incredibly curvy and consist of 12 sections which symbolize the months of the year. They have the ability to change the weather and control whether or not crops are successful. They always have their mouths open and have piercing eyes and a prominent beard. They are also said to have a gem or jewel in their mouth to represent humanity and nobility.

1 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Chinese Dragon

Otherwise known as the Oriental or Eastern Dragon, the Chinese dragon appears in the mythology of a handful of East Asian countries. The Chinese Dragon is always depicted as a long snake-like dragon with four legs, sharp claws, hair and sometimes horns. It represents auspicious power and is one of the most powerful symbols in China.

2 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Nāga Dragon

The Nāga Dragon is most popular among Hinduism. These dragons are often depicted with a hooded head (or heads) somewhat similar to a giant cobra. The amount of heads that the Nāga has is dependent on its rank. These dragons don't have arms or legs, and are said to be a powerful, splendid, wonderful and proud semi-divine race.

3 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Ryū Dragon

The Ryū Dragon of Japan is incredibly similar to the Chinese Dragon. However, they have three claws rather than four, and they are typically benevolent. They are also often associated with the sea and the ability to grant wishes to those who deserved them.

4 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Imoogi Dragon

The Imoogi Dragon is a product of Korean lore that is often associated with sea serpents. The name, Imoogi, literally translates into "Great Lizard". The legend goes that the sun god gave the Imoogi their power through a human girl who would transform into the Imoogi upon her 17th birthday.

5 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Lindworm Dragon

The Lindworm Dragon is a serpent-like dragon that often is seen with two legs and wings. They are incredibly common in Scandinavian & Germanic lore. Despite them having legs, they are said to move around on the ground like a lizard, rather than standing tall on the legs.

6 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Wyvern Dragon

These are the kind of dragons most of us out west think of when we picture a dragon. They are incredibly common in Medieval Heraldry and are a typically "English" Dragon. They have two legs, two wings, scaly skin, and a tail that typically ends with a diamond or sharp tip.

7 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Y Daig Goch

This dragon is extremely important to the Welsh- hell it's even prominently on their flag. This red dragon is said to represent ALL things Welsh. Powerful, victorious, and prominent, this is a bad ass looking creature of lore.

8 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

Slavic Dragons

These dragons are similar to the dragons of European lore, but they typically have several heads. They breathe fire and symbolize evil. In some regions, they are seen as protectors of the crops and the people, but for the most part, these winged beasts are the bad guys.

9 Dragons In World's Mythology (9 pics)

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