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How to Have a Relaxing Movie Night at Home

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  • 28 Oct, 2020  |
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1 How to Have a Relaxing Movie Night at Home

Love movies? Want to give yourself a relaxed, stress-free evening with some top titles? In this article, we’ll help you to set up an exceptionally chilled-out night of viewing that will help you escape from the pressures of the world for a few hours.

Choose the Right Time

Have you got a particularly heavy day or week coming up? Why not schedule your movie night for the end of that period in order to celebrate the fact that it’s over and to serve as a reward for getting through it? Make sure you pick an evening where you have a good amount of free time and, if you’re planning on a hefty marathon, try to make sure you don’t have much to do early the next day.

Prepare Your Running Order

Do you want to apply a theme to your movie night? Why not think about watching a series of Oscar winners, horror flicks or comedies? If you have a favorite actor or director, you could delve into their back-catalogue, or you could undertake a marathon of your top franchise. Look at the runtimes of each movie and think about breaks in between to make sure you have enough time to cram it all in.

Prepare Yourself

Try to get all pressing tasks and chores completed before the date of your movie night so that nothing is weighing on your mind and distracting you from the entertainment. Clean your space and set up the perfect lighting to set the mood. You can find temporary blackout blinds if you’re struggling to get the place dark enough. To really get yourself in a good headspace, why not go for some exercise earlier in the day? It’ll get the endorphins going to make you feel relaxed, plus you won’t feel so bad about all the snacking you’re going to do.

If you’re planning this event to help you relieve some stress, why not add a little CBD into the mix? Medical marijuana is believed to effectively relieve stress and anxiety and alleviate symptoms of depression. It’s really easy to access medical marijuana in any of the 33 states in which it is legal. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, all you need to do is to go online and fill out a few specific details, then wait for your medical marijuana card. You won’t be billed until you are approved.

Prepare Your Refreshments

One of the best aspects of a movie night is the snacks. You should take this element of planning equally seriously whether you’re watching on your own or with friends or loved ones. If you’re following a theme, you could find food and beverages to match. Enjoying a Coen Brothers’ night? Why not make White Russians? Harry Potter marathon? Create your own cauldron cakes and butterbeer. Of course, if you want to be as relaxed as possible, just order in. Make sure you time the food to arrive at a point that fits in with your schedule. We highly recommend setting up snacks to dip into throughout the night. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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