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Smart Kids (17 pics)

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  • 23 Oct, 2020  |
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“Our son arranged his toy bear to relax like this. Both my husband and I feel envious.”

1 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“My son has 2 pairs of sneakers and took both left shoes this morning. Still, he didn’t get confused and ended up making this. I was both mortified and impressed.”

2 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“I’ll see you all when this kid wins a Nobel Prize.”

3 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“My 5-year-old daughter drew this instead of asking for a cookie. She knew I’d say no if she simply asked. I had to award her creativity.”

4 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“I had a bet with my kids that a pack of cereal couldn’t have the word ’healthy’ on it. Now I owe them $5!”

5 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“My son (first grade) was doing his homework. He was supposed to describe a non-existent animal and draw it. Here’s what he did. I’m proud of him!”

6 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“There are water limiters in the public bathhouse. The water pours when someone is standing next to it. A boy who is lower than the limiter level came up to the shower and did this.”

7 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“I went for a walk with my kid and found this on the playground. It seems the seesaw was used by a lonely but smart kid.”

8 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“Told the kids to ’clean up.’ The kids responded by saying, ’What’s the living room for? LIVING!’”

9 Smart Kids (17 pics)

"A big-brained third grader."

10 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“I asked for a tablet holder for the kitchen and got a Lego creation with ’Mom’ on it.”

11 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“I was mowing the grass in the backyard. My 7-year-old comes out with no shoes on. I yell, ’Watch out for dog poop!’ 2 minutes pass and she comes out with these on her feet!”

12 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“I told my kid, ‘No technology until after 5 p.m.’ He has to do homework and then he can play with his toys. He’s created a ‘drive-in movie theatre’ for the cars with his phone streaming Netflix.”

13 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“Asked my student to complete the maze. Eventually, I gave him a round of applause.”

14 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“My 8-year-old’s Thanksgiving card — well, he’s being honest.”

15 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“Someone wasn’t ready for bed. Decided to hide and read his book.”

16 Smart Kids (17 pics)

“My 6-year-old finished his homework with maniacal laughter and muttered to himself, ’Ha, I win.’”

17 Smart Kids (17 pics)


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