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Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

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  • 19 Oct, 2020  |
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Cutting a nice little notch into your patio furniture will make for a neat wine glass holder.

1 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Adding a little bit of vodka into your dough will help make pie crusts more flaky.

2 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Capsaicin, the chemical that causes peppers to be so incredibly hot, is alcohol-soluble, which means if you bite into a really hot pepper you can counteract the hotness with a swig of vodka.

3 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Tube socks can help keep your bottles nice and safe when travelling.

4 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Toaster racks are perfect for drying out empty glasses. You know... if you don't feel like using a towel or whatever.

5 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Vodka spouts also happen to work perfect for olive oil.

6 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

When taking a shot or a sip of alcohol, breathe in beforehand, then breathe out after sipping to push the fumes out. This allows you to fully taste the flavours as the aromatics become a lot more clear without ethanol fumes obstructing them.

7 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

If you're having a tough time removing stickers cleanly off of a surface, try using some vodka.

8 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

If you don't have a corkscrew but happen to have a hammer and some nails...

9 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

When it comes to chilled libations, these stainless steel bullet whiskey rocks are the sharpest shooters in the industry, keeping liquor cooler and less diluted than traditional ice accessories. Pour spirits on the rocks for a stone-cold killer taste.

10 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Or you could make one out of a coat hanger!

11 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Wine, dish soap, and water will attract more fruit flies than vinegar.

12 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Using a coffee filter to clean your pint and wine glasses will ensure zero streaks.

13 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Collect your corks to make a sweet cork board!

14 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Easy access.

15 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Vodka can help alleviate the pain of poison ivy rash.

16 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

If you're moving and need some smaller boxes for random things, liquor stores are often looking to get rid of theirs.

17 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Filtering your cheap vodka through a water filter several times will make it taste not so sh*tty.

18 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

Tossing a few skittles into your vodka adds some colourful fun, flavour, and a nice little snack afterwards.

19 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

For the three people that don't know this already, putting your coaster on top of your drink when you go to the bathroom is universal bar language for "don't take my spot/drink, I' coming back."

20 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

You can use a French Press to infuse different fruits with your beer, should you ever like to experiment.

21 Alcohol Hacks (21 pics)

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