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Food Hacks (30 pics)

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  • 12 Oct, 2020  |
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Throw down lemon slices to keep your fish from burning and sticking to your grill.

1 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Grapes + lemon juice + gelatin mix = "Sour Patch Kids" candy grapes.

2 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Tic Tac dispensers are great for storing spices... especially in smaller kitchens.

3 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Save your chicken skins for chicken chicharrones.

4 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Weave your bacon like a basket to make the world's best bacon burger or BLT.

5 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Upgrade your iced coffee by making coffee ice cubes.

6 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Make freezer packs for a quick breakfast smoothie.

7 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Use a Mason jar lid ring to cook the perfect egg round for your breakfast sammie. Make sure you properly grease that lid.

8 Food Hacks (30 pics)

You can also make a killer egg round using an onion ring.

9 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Cook two frozen pizzas at the same time.

10 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Making pizza bagels? Put pepperoni over the bagel hole to a) stop cheese from melting though and sticking to the pan, and b) seriously upgrade the yumminess.

11 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Tired of all the fixins falling out of your burger? Wrap a piece of lettuce around the back end to keep them in place.

12 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Trap your cherry tomatoes between 2 lids and slice horizontally to batch cut them.

13 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Turn any cake mix into cookie dough by adding two eggs and half a cup of oil.

14 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Use a binder clip to revolutionize how you store your beer.

15 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Cook chicken Kiev with a piece of bread underneath to yield a bonus slice of garlic bread.

16 Food Hacks (30 pics)

A vegetable peeler can double as a cheese grater in a pinch.

17 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Try "breading" chicken with crushed, dried edamame for a healthier treat.

18 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Use a baby monitor to keep an eye on the temperature on a grill or smoker while you do other things.

19 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Upgrade your grilled cheese by spreading mayo — instead of butter — on the bread.

20 Food Hacks (30 pics)

And lastly, chopsticks are the answer to ending Cheeto-dust fingers forever.

21 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Strain your salsa to make it less watery and use the liquid to cook rice.

22 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Slice your hotdogs to make space for topping slots.

23 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Use empty ketchup bottles as batter dispensers. Just make sure you wash those first. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

24 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Skip the pie pan altogether.

25 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Out of hotdog buns? Baked potato that dog.

26 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Use a muffin tin to make brownie bowls.

27 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Clean a spice grinder by blending some white rice.

28 Food Hacks (30 pics)

Chill your onions in the freezer before you cut them to avoid any tears.

29 Food Hacks (30 pics)

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