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The Most Common Reasons That Many Women Cheat In A Relationship

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  • 18 Sep, 2020  |
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1 The Most Common Reasons That Many Women Cheat In A Relationship

There is a general assumption that men are the ones who are more likely to cheat while in a relationship and that women are more committed and faithful to their relationships than men. However, reports indicate that the percentage of women who cheat while in a relationship is similar to that of men. Some people even believe that more women cheat than men.

One thing we know for certain is that both women and men cheat. However, we will be turning our focus toward identifying the most common reasons why women cheat in a relationship.


Below are the most common reasons why many women cheat in a relationship:

•‎ STRUGGLING WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM: Many things can be responsible for women battling with low self-esteem in a relationship. Some of these reasons include; verbal and emotional abuse, unhappiness in their work, or not being satisfied with their looks, etc. Any single one or a combination of the reasons listed above can push a woman to feel bad about herself. Imagine a relationship where the woman is unhappy about her personality and looks. There is a huge chance that she will begin to have feelings for anyone that takes the time to compliment her personality and looks. This may tempt her to explore her feelings for this new person.

•‎ EMOTIONAL STARVATION: One of the most common reasons why many women cheat in a relationship is emotional starvation. Being emotionally unfulfilled can tempt a woman to look for satisfaction elsewhere. This is often the case for couples who spend a large chunk of their lives chasing careers and other things instead of spending quality time their partner. This neglect can result in feelings of loneliness, hence tempting her to search for emotional satisfaction elsewhere. Some women wouldn’t even mind cheating with another woman as long as they are emotionally satisfied. Thanks to amazing online dating sites like the Happymatches website here, meeting new people in a bid to satisfy our emotional needs is possible.

•‎ ANGER AND VENGEANCE: This is most common among women that either suspect or have caught their partner cheating. They often tend to hook up with any random person to express their anger and wreak revenge, especially when they feel that they had given all they could in the relationship.

•‎ SEXUAL DEPRIVATION: Sex between couples is one of the best ways to maintain intimacy, emotional satisfaction, and physical satisfaction. Hence, whenever a woman begins to feel sexually deprived, she, like any man, may be tempted to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Growing older tends to affect the sexual desire of some people and others tend to become sexually dysfunctional as they grow older. Sexual deprivation tends to affect the woman’s emotions as she begins to feel uncared for and sexually undesirable to their spouse. These feelings can destroy even the finest relationships.

Finally, some women cheat because they enjoy the thrill that accompanies it. This category of women may even be in love with their partner and would never think about leaving them. However, their desire for something extra motivates them to cheat on their partner.

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