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True Facts (22 pics)

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The Hawaiian state fish is called a “humuhumunukunukuapuaa”.

1 True Facts (22 pics)

The last person who died building the Hoover Dam was the son of the first person who died building it.

2 True Facts (22 pics)

The kangaroo is the only animal whose testicles are located above his penis.

3 True Facts (22 pics)

Julius Caesar’s soldiers used sing a marching song about how much Caesar liked it up the @$$.

4 True Facts (22 pics)

About 1 cup of ground apple seeds contains enough cyanide to kill a human. Smoothie anyone?

5 True Facts (22 pics)

Saddam Hussein wrote a romance novel.

6 True Facts (22 pics)

Bees can vibrate their bodies super fast which produces a lot heat. In order for a hive to defend themselves from intruders like wasps they will dog pile the wasp while vibrating and it will eventually cook the wasp alive.

7 True Facts (22 pics)

It takes roughly 400 people to forge a sword out of “the blood of your enemies.”

8 True Facts (22 pics)

Three barleycorns laid end to end is the basis for the inch.

9 True Facts (22 pics)

Rams are about the same size as football players.

10 True Facts (22 pics)

All mammals over the weight of 3kg take approximately 21 seconds to pee, whether that be a housecat, a horse or an elephant.

11 True Facts (22 pics)

You need approximately 23,6 kg of anthracite coal to burn an average human male (80kg) at cremation temperatures.

12 True Facts (22 pics)

Hentai frequently depicts monsters having sex with women because of Japanese pornography laws. Sex between a man and a woman is “porn” and considered indecent, but sex between a human and an alien/monster does not fit the definition, so it gets by.

13 True Facts (22 pics)

Snakes have two penises, echidnas have a four-headed one.

14 True Facts (22 pics)

The longest German word where every letter only is used once is ‘Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung’ and outside of stating this fact I have so far never needed it in my life.

15 True Facts (22 pics)

It would only take about a month and a half to collect enough shed skin cells to completely replace the flour in a traditional pound cake recipe, about 438g. We shed about 9 lbs of dead skin each year, and 438g is only .966 lbs, so at a rate of .75 lbs of skin per month you would only need a way to collect shed skin for a little over 5 weeks. Being high in protein, your skin flour should have a consistency close to a bean flour and can be used in a similar way to make a pound cake. It would take between five and six weeks to make a skin cake.

16 True Facts (22 pics)

Horses can masturbate by hitting their 70cm long dong against their bellies.

17 True Facts (22 pics)

MLB umpires are required to wear black underwear in case their pants split during a game.

18 True Facts (22 pics)

Imagine this: You’re walking down the road, and you see a car crash. Someone gets out of a car, and you realize it’s someone you know, so you call their name. They turn, and crumple to the ground. What happened? They dislocated a bone in their neck, and when they turned their neck, they fully snapped it. There’s a bunch of stories of this happening to people, which is very scary.

19 True Facts (22 pics)

Urine is historically one of the biggest exports that Newcastle UK ever had. It was used for a variety of purposes especially for making ammonia to make paint.

20 True Facts (22 pics)

Most dying people don’t just slow down breathing and stop silently like the movies. The agonal breathing they do the last few hours or minutes is often startlingly loud. But it makes their CO2 so high that they are unconscious and not suffering, it’s just hard on the hearer.

21 True Facts (22 pics)

Not only is an elephant’s penis prehensile it’s strong enough to throw a grown man around.

22 True Facts (22 pics)


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#14Heizölrückstoßabdämpfung means "heating oil recoil dampener" ... and it is completely made up. Germans just put nouns behind other nouns like the english language does, but without the space.

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