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Talented People (20 pics)

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  • 18 Sep, 2020  |
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"My Christmas present to my mother in law. (It looks like her dog.) I used all donated scrap fabric. I throw away nothing when trimming - I keep even the tiniest, weirdest pieces when I’m quilting my big quilts, because you never know when something is going to need a shadow, a collar, or a nose."

1 Talented People (20 pics)

"It’s my third anniversary. Three years ago I made this dress for my soon-to-be wife!"

2 Talented People (20 pics)

"I've been playing around with recycled t-shirt yarn in my macrame! What do you think?"

3 Talented People (20 pics)

"I made my very first proper mohair jointed Pooh bear and knitted him a little jumper too :)"

4 Talented People (20 pics)

"Wedding bouquet I made from paper."

5 Talented People (20 pics)

"I made my 17 year old King Arthur a cardboard iron throne."

6 Talented People (20 pics)

"This couch I made out of a bathtub."

7 Talented People (20 pics)

"Wedding band I made out of a British penny for my grandma. She and my grandpa spent 54 years together before he passed."

8 Talented People (20 pics)

"My Dad carved this Welsh love spoon from one block of wood."

9 Talented People (20 pics)

"My 83-year-old dad spends most of his time in the retirement home hand-making models from found materials ("so as to not get old like the rest of them"). He didn't understand why I wanted to share a picture with "the Internet" but I think the hand-knotted string rigging is worth it alone!"

10 Talented People (20 pics)

"I created Snape out of painter’s tape on my bedroom wall."

11 Talented People (20 pics)

"My Valentine's present! Bag made of stadium roof (Hoosier Dome), banner and junkyard seatbelts!"

12 Talented People (20 pics)

"I made a camera obscura and watched the sunset from the comfort of my bed."

13 Talented People (20 pics)

"Okay ready to sort out the world, teddy ready for action. I made this out of old clocks and pipe fittings."

14 Talented People (20 pics)

"Elven necklace, me, waxed polyester cord, 2019."

15 Talented People (20 pics)

"Yesterday my little brother got married and, given the times, it wasn’t your typical wedding. So I made him an atypical accessory: an embroidered pocket beagle. He loved it!"

16 Talented People (20 pics)

"Cat tree turned out better than expected."

17 Talented People (20 pics)

"I crafted this ring for my fiance. Created completely from scratch using gold nuggets found in the Applegate Valley here in southern Oregon, a juicy red garnet anatomical heart I carved, and accented on either side with diamonds."

18 Talented People (20 pics)

"I made a thing for my boyfriend's birthday."

19 Talented People (20 pics)

20 Talented People (20 pics)

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