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Dads Fails (22 pics)

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  • 8 Sep, 2020  |
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“That time James wanted a chicken pot pie for lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I don’t want to brag but I’m really good at multitasking.”

1 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“Warning: When it’s the morning of school photos and your son has a nose bleed all over his school shirt so you wash it but need it to dry quickly, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT believe the internet when it says you can microwave a damp shirt to dry it.”

2 Dads Fails (22 pics)

"This dad attempted to kill a fly that was on his daughter’s phone."

3 Dads Fails (22 pics)

"When you misunderstand a question…"

4 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“When dad puts too much air in the ball before a game of PIG. #dadfail it sure made a loud boom!”

5 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“I may have dropped a 12-pack on the cake at the store.”

6 Dads Fails (22 pics)

"When you try and make a cake with your sons."

7 Dads Fails (22 pics)

"Always plan ahead…"

8 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“I built Maddie a sand slide. I was the catcher. I forgot… “

9 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“Kids decided they wanted a frozen pizza tonight so like always I popped it on the oven rack and set the timer. Well if I would have read the box I would have seen that some pizzas need to be put on a pan.”

10 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“Attempting a unicorn omelette. Turned out more like an alien giraffe. Yikes! “

11 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“DAD YOU ABLE TO UNDO HER HAIR TIE??” …umm yeah sure. *insert the confused look of every father of a little girl.*

And this is the result! A bunch of hairs later. How can something seem so simple be such a bugger.”

12 Dads Fails (22 pics)

13 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“Not sure if she’s thrown herself on the floor due to daddy’s bad attempt at being funny, or coz he’s taken her bike and shes having a tantrum….needless to say, this happens alot! (The bad jokes from daddy and the tantrums!).”

14 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“One of these was my first attempt at a pancake tonight. The other was by Poppy (aged 11).”

15 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“#notwelldone #supporting my local restaurant now by getting take out #dadfail.”

16 Dads Fails (22 pics)

17 Dads Fails (22 pics)

”Can’t decide if this deserves an A for effort…or a D for effort. At least he tried—ish?”

18 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“When you leave Daddy in charge of the youngest’s packed lunch, and he mistakes an orange for an apple… #dadfail.”

19 Dads Fails (22 pics)


20 Dads Fails (22 pics)

“Probably a lesson in here about not making pancakes in the dark. Thought for sure it was cinnamon. Gonna feed it to the kiddos anyway .”

21 Dads Fails (22 pics)

22 Dads Fails (22 pics)

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