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Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

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Hero Fiennes Tiffin

1 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

It is said that girls love bad guys. This is what the actor looked like in the romantic film After, where he portrayed the mysterious Hardin. It is also interesting that Hero Fiennes Tiffin portrayed Lord Voldermort as a child in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Itzan Escamilla

2 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

It seems like it’s time for Enrique Iglesias to retire. There’s another Spanish star that women all around the world are falling for. The entire world started talking about him after the release of Élite, where Itzan played one of the main parts.

Arón Piper

3 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

Arón Piper is another charismatic guy from Élite. His appearance proves that children who are mixed are especially attractive: Arón is half Spanish and half German.

Jacob Elordi

4 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

This is the guy from the series Euphoria and the comedy The Kissing Booth. Even if the characters that Jacob plays are ill-tempered, it’s hard to not love them. Fans noticed that he always has a miserable facial expression and he said, “It’s because I’m usually thinking a lot, an insane amount, about something ridiculous.”

Cole Sprouse

5 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

Many people liked Cole Sprouse in Riverdale, but after his role in Five Feet Apart, it is much easier to fall in love with him because he portrayed a romantic character.

Louis Hofmann

6 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

A guy with honey wheat blond hair and sad eyes is an amazing combination. This is what we saw in German actor Louis Hofmann, in Dark. By the way, have you watched the new season that has been released recently?

Lucas Jade Zumann

7 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

The kind Gilbert Blythe from Ann with an E, who won the heart of the main character, is turning 20 this year. We hope that he will have other very cool roles in the near future.

Mena Massoud

8 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

Just by looking at this Canadian man with Egyptian origins, you start thinking about the desert and magic lamps. So, we think that this casting decision for Aladdin was awesome.

Ansel Elgort

9 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

After he appeared in The Fault in Our Stars, Ansel gained an impressive number of fans. But he’s not just good in the role of a romantic guy. Last year, he portrayed the main character in The Goldfinch and proved that he’s good in different roles.

Fionn Whitehead

10 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

Fionn Whitehead became known worldwide after playing the main role in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The young British man is extremely charismatic, and we are so looking forward to his new roles in movies and series.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

11 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

Some guys of the new generation obviously want to be cooler than their fathers like, for example, Patrick Schwarzenegger. This handsome man, with a great smile, appeared in Midnight Sun and everyone loved him there.

Timothée Chalamet

12 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

There can’t be any conversation about young actors that women all around the world are in love with, without mentioning Timothée Chalamet. He recently appeared in Little Women and soon, we’ll see him in Dune.

Bonus: Judging by the comments from internet users, Enrique is in serious danger.

13 Handsome Male Celebrities (13 pics)

Itzan Escamilla and Enrique Iglesias could easily be brothers. The thing is Iztan is simply the upgraded version of Enrique.


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