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True Love (15 pics)

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“Came across this gem — I took a picture of my parents napping together.”

1 True Love (15 pics)

“Met this sweet man at Outback. He saw us dressed up for prom and showed us a picture of him and his wife at prom in 1949.”

2 True Love (15 pics)

“My dad got my mom an extendable fork for her birthday.”

3 True Love (15 pics)

“My 93-year-old parents, married 68 years, both have Alzheimer’s, but are still very much in love.”

4 True Love (15 pics)

“She’s from Delhi, I’m from Wyoming. This September it will be 7 years of Cowboys and Indians.”

5 True Love (15 pics)

“My grandparents have been married for around 60 years and recently got WhatsApp!”

6 True Love (15 pics)

"Couple goals."

7 True Love (15 pics)

“It’s my parents 21st anniversary today. They managed to buy the exact same card from different stores.”

8 True Love (15 pics)

“We lived thousands of miles apart, and due to visa complications we were forced to separate, but we finally tied the knot, and it was all worth it.”

9 True Love (15 pics)

“My girlfriend dressed up as me from an old high school football photo and she looks infinitely tougher than I did.”

10 True Love (15 pics)

“After losing my job and finding it hard to get outta bed, I wake up to this on the mirror in the morning.”

11 True Love (15 pics)

“My wife waited for me while I did 3 overseas tours. Together since 2012 and got married this year. I am blessed.”

12 True Love (15 pics)

“It’s taken me until 27 years old to feel strong enough to show affection to another man in public... It’s been a journey, but I’m glad I’m here.”

13 True Love (15 pics)

“My adorable grandparents make me smile. They’ve been married over 60 years and are still giddy!”

14 True Love (15 pics)

“I think my girlfriend is clingy.”

15 True Love (15 pics)


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