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Common Misnomers (17 pics)

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English Horns

English horns are not horns, but woodwind instruments related to the oboe. Also, they come from Poland.

1 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Chinese Checkers

This game wasn't made in China & it isn't even a form of actual checkers. It was invented in Germany and named so for marketing purposes.

2 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Arabic Numerals

While these numbers were introduced to the Europeans by Arabian mathematicians, they were actually invented in India.

3 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Pythagorean Theorem

While this theorem is named after Pythagoras, the Babylonians had perfected it over a thousand years before he was born!

4 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Koala Bear

While cute like a Teddy Bear, Koalas aren't bears at all, they're marsupials.

5 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Glow-worms & Fireflies

Glow worms aren't worms, they're insect larvae. Fireflies? They're beetles!

6 Common Misnomers (17 pics)


Well... they're not fish. They're what are known as "echinoderms."

7 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Velvet Ants

Velvet ants are actually wasps.

8 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries

These are not berries by definition, as berries berries have to be produced from a single ovary. You know what fruits ARE formed from a single ovary? Bananas.

9 Common Misnomers (17 pics)


Peanuts, Walnuts, Coconuts and even pistachios are not really nuts. They're called “drupes," or fleshy fruits surrounding a hard shell containing a seed.

10 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Panama Hats

Panama hats come from Ecuador.

11 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

French Fries

French fries are not from France, they likely were created in Belgium.

12 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Two-toed sloth

The Two-toed sloth actually has 2 FINGERS. Their feet actually do have 3 toes.

13 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Funny Bone

Ah, yeah, the classic funny bone that is NEVER funny to hit. It's not a bone, it's a nerve, and it's called the ulnar nerve.

14 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Pont Neuf

This beautiful bridge, known as 'Pont Neuf' or 'New Bridge,' is actually the oldest bridge in the city.

15 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

The Battle of Bunker Hill

This battle mostly took place on nearby Breed’s Hill in Boston.

16 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

Timing in titles

There are 1864 islands in the Thousand Islands archipelago. The Thousand Days’ War lasted 1130 days. The Thirty Days War lasted 304 days. The Hundred Years’ War lasted 116 years.

17 Common Misnomers (17 pics)

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