What Have We Learned So Far About Playing Sport in a Bubble?

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1 What Have We Learned So Far About Playing Sport in a Bubble?

The NBA and NHL have been leading the way in terms of how they have set up playing inside a sports bubble to get their season’s back underway.

Both deserve a ton of credit for what they have done, how they have achieved it and how the players have all brought into the process required to make this happen.

But, what have we learnt from playing in a bubble so far? Much has been said about the bubble, but how have the games looked and is there anything worth noting for the future?

Whether you are an avid fan of one of the teams playing, a casual watcher of games or a gambler looking to place wagers, finding out information about the games being played is crucial.

These games are being played in an environment we have never seen before and one we may never see again.

Game Flow and Momentum Swings

One of the great aspects about any sport is watching the games flow and change due to big incidents having an affect on the momentum of the game.

These are still happening, but they are all down to what is happening on the court rather than something from the stands, and are not as extreme as we are used to.

For example, a big play at a big moment could result in the home fans really getting on their feet and supporting their team at a time when they need it.

Those moments still happen, but the push from the fans is not there. Those in the NBA on big money have to find a way to motivate themselves.

The ability to go up the court, score and get fans on their feet can often push a team to score more and take control of a game, but without fans these types of momentum changing runs are not having the same kind of effect.

In reality, the game has changed a little because of the lack of fans, we have lost a small element of something that is a part of the game we love.

Players Looking More Relaxed

Any NBA player knows that a big mistake, or a string of poor performances will lead to them receiving heat from the fans. With no fans in attendance courtside, the players appear to be a little more relaxed about the game.

While what we have seen so far is incredibly important and ultimately deciding a championship, the players often look like they are playing a fast-paced pre season game.

They are seen with smiles on their faces, appear to be having a good time and overall seem to like the fact they can play without fear.

If anything, this has improved the games and allowed the players to express themselves a little more on the court as they know there will be no one waiting for them should they make a mistake.

Skill Coming Out on Top

There are fewer outside influences in the games that are taking place and for that reason, skill is coming out on top a lot more than normal.

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The underdogs are still winning, but not as often. They need influences such as crowd noise, home court advantage and more to come out on top more often, something they don’t have on their side at the minute.

This is leaving the path clear right now for favourites and the best teams to win games.

The chances of an upset appear to have been reduced by the bubble being in place with no fans in attendance and nothing to change the flow of games.

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