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Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

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National Treasure

"Other than the sheer lunacy of him stealing the Declaration of Independence, when Ben finally reads the Declaration, we see it starts with “We the people”. But that’s the opening to the Constitution, not the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration begins with “When in the course of human events”. Either Ben made a serious miscalculation, or that’s a huge filmmaking error!"

1 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

The Martian

"Dust storms of destructive magnitudes physically cannot happen on Mars."

2 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

"The iconic bike scene proves E.T. is basically magic and can levitate objects. So… why doesn’t he just levitate himself right at the beginning of the film and get back onto his spaceship? He’s really close to it! Poor E.T."

3 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)


"Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix find out that water is toxic to the aliens... yet the aliens have been fine walking around with all the natural humidity in the air on a planet made up of MOSTLY water."

4 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

The Little Mermaid

"She wants to be where the people are. So Ariel, The Little Mermaid herself, makes a deal to gain legs and lose her voice, just so she can go above the sea and fall in love with Prince Eric. Complications, often involving charades, ensue. But why didn’t she write on a piece of paper to Eric about what was going on? After all, we see her write in English earlier when she signs her name for the deal. Fans asked animators this question at an event. The animators just smiled and said, 'Next question.'"

5 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Ant-Man and the Wasp

"No one noticed Hank's giant lab that would mysteriously appear and then disappear at random parts of the city, even though he was trying to be discreet while hiding from the FBI."

6 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Back To The Future

"How did Marty’s dad not recognize that his son grew up to be the person that helped him get the girl he wanted? Like, he didn't even think he looked remotely familiar later in life."

7 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)


"In Tangled, everything revolved around Rapunzel seeing the lights on her birthday, but Mother Gothel could have just lied about which day she was born."

8 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

"The way the Marauders' Map works... wouldn't Fred and George have SEEN Peter Pettigrew sleeping in bed with Ron every night on the map?"

9 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

The Purge

"You can just... leave the country beforehand. Also, why does no one ever try to do fraud during those hours? What a waste of potential."

10 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

28 Weeks Later

"Really? No one was guarding the wife who had just been rescued from the infected zone? They were wary of her enough to strap her down, but not enough to order a guard to watch her even though they did so for the two kids? Right."

11 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Independence Day

"Oh, this human-made computer virus magically works on their alien technology, too, because that's how computers work."

12 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)


"Bradley Cooper becomes the world’s smartest man thanks to a new wonder drug. It’s actually quite an enjoyable and entertaining film (until the silly ending). However, it’s let down by one of those plot contrivances that once read, destroys the film. If he’s so smart, why does he think it’s a good idea to borrow money from a mobster? I’m an idiot and I know not to do that."

13 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

A Quiet Place

"In A Quiet Place, instead of making shelter near the waterfall (i.e. the only place where the killer monsters couldn't hear them), they lived on a noisy farm."

14 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Monsters University

"In Monsters University, Mike and Sully didn't meet until their first year of college, but in Monster's, Inc. they claimed to be friends since elementary school."

15 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

The Dark Knight Rises

"In the movie, every single member of the Gotham police force was sent underground and got trapped, but then they magically emerged MONTHS later, all clean-shaven and well-dressed."

16 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Mean Girls

"At the end, everyone believes Cady made the Burn Book that was actually made by Regina and the rest of the Plastics. She’s shunned from school as a result. But how would Cady have any pictures or information on anyone in the school, given the fact that she’s a brand new student? Would they assume that she’s the speediest investigative journalist that ever lived?"

17 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)

Detective Pikachu

"When I saw this in theaters, the whole movie was ruined for me when his dad turned out to be Ryan Reynolds. You’re telling me this kid didn't AUTOMATICALLY recognize his dad’s voice the minute Pikachu started talking? Are you kidding me? I’m even willing to suspend my belief and say MAYBE he didn’t think about it immediately because of the shock of a talking Pikachu... but he doesn’t figure it out until the end of the movie."

18 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)


"Gremlins has three rules for dealing with the title creatures: Don’t put them in sunlight. Don’t put them in water. And don’t feed them after midnight. If you do any of these, you’ll risk turning the cuties into destructive, bloodthirsty creatures. But technically speaking, it’s... always after midnight. And, simultaneously, before midnight. 12:01am is both one minute after midnight and 23 hours and 59 minutes before the next midnight. Is midnight the only time you’re allowed to feed them?"

19 Movie Plot Holes (19 pics)


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$7 The biggest plot hole in Back to the future was getting a DeLorean up to 88 mph on level ground.

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