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Canadian Research: Some CBD Strains Might Lower Chances of COVID, More Research Needed

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  • 14 Aug, 2020  |
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1 Canadian Research: Some CBD Strains Might Lower Chances of COVID, More Research Needed

In recent days, a Canadian headline that a study has shown that cannabis could lower the chances of COVID-19 has surprised the entire world. This has led to a heated debate both on the internet and other media platforms. People from the state and outside are concerned to know the nitty-gritty of the research and whether or not the scientists have identified potential side effects of this claim.

However, health experts have admitted that only some strains of cannabis showed promises of being effective while others did not. The study is only a peek of what CBD from marijuana and hemp could do to save the pandemic, but more and more research needs to be done according to health officials. They also warned the public and some health organizations from exaggerating this as of now.

The Result of the Study

When asked whether the study is a guarantee that some strains of cannabis could cure COVID-19, the medical researchers disagreed with the statement. To clarify the issue, they said that their research only showed that some strains could reduce the number of cells that coronavirus attaches itself to.
Therefore, users of these strains stand a lower chance of getting the illness as compared to those with a very high number of cells. They reiterated that not just any form of marijuana is useful in these cases. Hence, the user has to be medically prescribed and monitored for the best results.

The Good News

After testing about 25 strains of the cannabis plant, about 13 of them gave promising results. As of now, they will focus on getting a full understanding of how these positive strains work before they can recommend it for public use. This is according to Kovalchuk, the medical researcher at the university where this discovery was made.

During the study by a renowned lab, Pathway Research, the scientists worked tirelessly to understand all of the strains of cannabis and how they could help to deal with coronavirus.

At this point, it is worth noting that even hemp flower buds such as ones supplied by Berkshire CBD website also contain a high level of CBD. With more research, more leads on how CBD from both marijuana and hemp will fight this pandemic might be a big breakthrough to the entire world.

Additional Knowledge

The research lead, Kovalchuk, added that their biggest aim is to increase the knowledge pool that is already there. There are many other types of research that have been done on SARS-COV2, and adding something that is useful to the entire medical field and the world is something crucial.
Even though the research is not conclusive, it has given a big lead that needs to be advanced by either the same researchers or others who can pick it up from there.
Other Benefits of CBD from Cannabis

The known benefits of CBD are numerous so far, and some of them could come in handy in managing the illness rather than preventing it.

· Pain relief - Joint, throat, and chest pain from the symptoms of coronavirus could be reduced by CBD.

· Inflammation relief - CBD is known to lower inflammation throughout the body and this could come in handy to a COVID-19 patient.

· Promoting sleep

· Reducing anxiety


Although the study did not focus on these other known benefits, it did show the hope of lowering the chances of getting infected. As time goes by, researchers will update people on more revelations and the best direction to take. When it comes to the use of recreational marijuana, the study should not be a reason for people to abuse cannabis. Everyone should know the dangers that come with this.

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