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Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

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  • 22 Jul, 2020  |
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Pushes Hugo Drax out of an airlock

This genocidal maniac wanted to bring his selected people onto a space station, then nuke the planet for himself. So, to save the world this time, Bond hits him with a cyanide-tipped dart from his watch, and kicks him out of an airlock. Breathtaking, really.

1 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Dropping Dario into a coke-grinding machine
License to Kill

Played by a super-young Benicio Del Toro, Dario is the sadistic henchman to the big bad - Sanchez. But instead of finishing off Bond in a quick manner, Dario tosses him on a coke-grinding conveyer belt for a slow, dramatic death. Bond then flips the script and Dario falls into the grinding machine feet-first.

2 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Drops Blofeld down a chimney
For Your Eyes Only

I know Blofeld's not a good guy, by any stretch, but the dude's in a wheelchair, with a neck brace. This is pretty brutal. Still, when Bond's visiting the grave of his wife, Blofeld hijacks his helicopter with a remote control, until Bond's able to take control, find the villain, and finish him once and for all.

3 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Strands Dominic Greene in the desert with only motor oil to drink
Quantum of Solace

It's a rare thing when Bond doesn't directly finish off the villain of the film, but this one is still a brutal way to go. After getting the information about Quantum, Bond leaves him behind. Later, he finds out that Greene was found with motor oil in his stomach and 2 bullets in his head.

4 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Feeds Hans to a pool full of Pirhanas
You Only Live Twice

If it's a Bond film, then there's guaranteed to be a pool filled with a carnivorous animal somewhere. In this one, it's piranhas. When Bond makes it to Blofeld's lair inside a volcano, he and his team of ninja's take on the henchmen. In the process, Blofeld's bodyguard Hans gets tossed into the pond and eaten.

5 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

He kicks Emile Locque and his car off of a cliff
For Your Eyes Only

In this film, Emile Locque was the typical Bond film psychopath. After playing cat and mouse throughout the film, Bond finally turns the tables on him. By shooting out the tires of his car, causing him to spin out of control and dangle dangerously off a cliff. Bond then saunters over and gently kicks it over.

6 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Stabs a hitman in the throat with a pair of scissors
Quantum of Solace

It's no surprise that when Daniel Craig took over, things got darker. No more campy and dramatic deaths, but some quick and brutal ones. In this one, hitman Edmund Slate is after Camile Montes, and he and Bond have a brutal brawl across the hotel room. Then Bond finishes him off with a quick stab in the throat.

7 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Forcing an inflatable pellet into Dr. Kananga's mouth
Live and Let Die

For the first film of the Roger Moore era, I really enjoyed this one. It wasn't about taking over the world, but controlling the drug trade with voodoo and a restaurant chain. After many mishaps of near-human sacrifice, snake bites, crocodiles and the immortal Baron Samedi (not to mention deflowering a young teen), Bond has a showdown with this dictator and shoves a compressed gas pellet in his mouth. Definitely popped his entrepreneurial dreams.

8 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Lets Dr. No boil right in front of him
Dr. No

For the very first Bond movie ever, we get one of the most brutal ways to die, courtesy of my favourite Bond; Sean Connery. After everything he goes through in the film, he ends up fighting No and his mechanical hands, until he knocks him into the boiling water and makes him into super villain soup.

9 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Crushes Xenia Onatopp with a helicopter

I'll give him this; it's a creative way to dispatch a femme fatale. Xenia and her super powerful thighs almost get the best of Bond, until he shoots a helicopter out of the air, clips her to it, and allows nature's thunder thighs to take her out.

10 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Electrocutes Oddjob with his own hat

This is a little bit poetic for all the damage that Oddjob has caused. But, at the same time, electrocution is a horrible way to go.
The things that electricity will do to the body will give you nightmares.

11 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

He tosses Elliot Carver into a giant drill
Tomorrow Never Dies

This one had the timely premise of a media baron starting a war for circulation and ratings, by using a stealth ship and underwater drill. So it only makes sense that Bond would blow the whole conspiracy open, and then throw Carver into his sneaky little weapon.

12 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Drowns a Blofeld impersonator in a boiling mudbath
Diamonds Are Forever

At the beginning of Sean Connery's final outing as Bond, he's out for revenge after losing his wife. So he tracks down Blofeld, finds a whole bunch of look-a-likes and executes them all. Then he tosses the OG Blofeld into a boiling vat of mud, headfirst.
But since it's the first 10 minutes of the film, you know this won't stick.

13 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Lets Goldfinger get sucked out of a plane window

Easily one of the best of the Bond films, we've got an outlandish villain who wants all the gold in Fort Knox. And, a cool laser to torture Bond with. So, on his way to get a handshake from the President, Goldfinger ambushes him and fires a gun in the pressurized cabin. And finds himself thousands of feet in the air without a parachute.

14 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)

Drops Trevalyan on his head for personal reasons

Bond's dropped plenty of people from high places, but the death of Trevelyan is entirely personal and deliberate. Feeling betrayed, James doesn't exercise his license to kill on behalf of the Queen, but for himself.

15 Top James Bond Action Scenes (15 pics)


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