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Top 3 Casino Games in Japan

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  • 15 Jul, 2020  |
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1 Top 3 Casino Games in Japan

As the nation of Japan continues to show signs of opening up to the exciting world of online gambling, all eyes in the industry as firmly set eastwards.

At present, gambling remains largely banned in Japan. However, should the Japanese government pass the forthcoming Integrated Resorts (IR) bill, the nation will take a big step toward full legalization of gambling.

That is not to say that players in Japan don’t already enjoy casino games, with many individuals choosing to log in to online casino sites based in foreign countries for their dose of gambling fun! From slots games to poker, Japanese people adore casino games of all types and this is clearly part of the thinking behind the proposed IR bill.

We will now take a look at the top three casino games in Japan, dissecting what it is that games these games so popular and how the Japanese best like to play them.


Without a doubt the king of Japanese casino games, Pachinko is actually legal in Japan thanks to some clever exploitation of loopholes in national law.

Pachinko is basically pinball with gambling thrown in and is a game that the Japanese have enjoyed for centuries in one form or another. If you are playing, you simply feed a ball into the machine before pulling a handle. This pushes the ball into play and players need to overcome a range of obstacles in order to land the ball in the perfect spot for a big payday!

Sound simple? It’s probably more difficult than you imagine, which is why pachinko is so widely adored by players young and old all over Japan. Played in special pachinko parlours where players are paid in coupons which are later converted to cash (that’s the special loophole we mentioned earlier), pachinko forms a key part of the Japanese casino game identity.


Thanks to its excitement and simplicity, online Blackjack is growing in popularity across Japan. Usually provided by sites operating from overseas, online Blackjack is becoming extremely widely-played in the nation and perhaps it is the most thrilling of all.

For players in Japan seeking a quality site to enjoy Blackjack, sites such as list the best online casinos available for Japanese players.


Although Japan is renowned for the dominance of pachinko in terms of casino games, anybody would have to admit that slots games are gaining popularity at a rapid rate. Again, overseas sites are the most popular way of enjoying slots games, with Japanese players particularly attracted to the exciting world of gamified slots games due to their obvious and well-documented affinity for all things video games!

In fact, many foreign slots sites create games specifically aimed at the Japanese market, yet which have undoubted crossover impact too. Among these are anime titles that blend the ingenious playability of Western-made slots games with the thrilling visual nature of Japanese-inspired anime cartoons.

Overall, it can be said that the top three casino games in Japan only look set to continue to grow over the coming years as the nation continues its journey toward fully legalising gambling in all of its forms.

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