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Girls Night Party Games

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  • 8 Jul, 2020  |
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Girls' night is a fun time to meet up with the girls, enjoy a bit with some gossip and most importantly, Games! Yes, you can play bingo or a friendly game of truth and dare. There are lots to explore, especially during Girl's night, when you have a lot of time to spend with your friends! Let's check out a few fun games you can play on a girls night!

1 Girls Night Party Games

Ring My Bell

Buy a cheap bell and ring it to get the attention of everyone. Then ask a series of questions, and you gain a point from the first person to respond to everyone. The winner is the one that got the most points at the end. Every woman may even take her ring, so that she may "pull back" in her reaction instead of crying back.
Get this game done by printing a list of Ring My Bell questions or by building your own based on your experiences and what you think your girls will find humorful before girls meet.

Cookie Cook-Off

You should get a cookie off if you have a girl's night close to a holiday. You should do this in one way or another. First of all, any guest should bake their favourite cookies at home and carry cookies to the party with their dishes. You can choose who has the absolute best cookie recipe in a taste test competition as a group.
It is also possible to buy premade dough or bake a bunch of single sugar cookies before the end of the competition. Break the visitors into classes and provide them with plenty of decorations. Time the teams and see in five minutes who can adorn the best batch of cookies. The game's most significant part? The award is that the cookies are to be eaten!

2 Girls Night Party Games

Purse Treasure Hunt

Purse treasure hunt is a fun game, especially for ladies. One member should be the host of the game. Create a list of common items in a female bag.
One item will be called by the person hosting the game. One point is awarded to the first woman to produce the product from her bag. Anyone who winds up at the end of the game with the most points wins. Decide in advance on a sort of prize for the recipient.

I Never

Playing "I Never" is another favourite game of the ladies. Be careful when it comes to alcohol because not all ladies can handle their drinks. This game is played with one lady who says, "I never" and follows it with a statement. For example, "I never speed up on the freeway on the way to work." Everyone who has done what the statement says must have a drink. For a non-alcoholic version, anyone who has done what the statement says must stand up and do the Hokey-Pokey as they turn around. A bit of silence makes the game more fun.
Guess Who

Learn the things you've never known about your friends before. Get yourself a small notebook and stationery for writing.
Give each of your friends a piece of paper and ask them to write something about themselves or something they've done that nobody else knows about. For example, one friend may have had an exotic pet as a young girl, or another may have a birthmark in an unusual place. You can be as risky or tame as you would like to be with these facts.
Have them fold their notes and put them in an empty bowl or glass.
Take turns out to draw one letter at a time, read it to the party, and let everybody guess which buddy wrote the message.
Play just for fun, or give a point to the first person who's guessing right. An individual with the most points will receive a special reward, such as a free drink or a free dessert that the rest of the party will purchase.

Girls Night Beauty Queen

This game is better played on a girl's party time. Ask all the girls to bring some clothes and shoes to the beauty queen, from glittery tiaras to costume jewellery, feather boas, or even glam party dresses and shoes. Put all the things in a big garbage bag or laundry basket. The game itself is played in the same fashion as the musical chairs. 
Sit in a circle and turn the music on or play the DVD and start throwing the bag around the circle. When the music or film stops, the person holding the bag must take the item out and put it on.
Start like this, without withdrawing anybody from the group, before all the clothes and shoes are worn. And be sure to take a couple of photos of you and your beautiful Queen of Beauty mates! If you want to crown the winner of this game, select the one who wears the most or the fewest pieces, or the one who looks better suited to the Queen of Beauty role.

3 Girls Night Party Games

Who Am I?

There are two methods to play "Who am I?" They all start with someone writing the names of popular individuals on Post-It notes, writing the names on the non-stick hand, and making space for each individual to draw one. Choose people that have special phrases and that are pretty simple and fun to mimic. Write the names on the paper and randomise them in a bowl, and let everyone draw one, taking care that the notes don't all stick together.

You can use plain paper instead of sticky notes for names to take another look at this game. Let each of you draw a celebrity and look at the name. So, at night, seek to live like your desired success from time to time. Throw out a film quotation that the star may have made, read the lyrics of a famous artist, or attempt to mimic the star's signature look or characteristics. If anyone correctly suspects who you are, turn over your note with the name of the star on it. The person that got the most points wins the game at the end of the session.

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