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Best Social Media Platforms For Aspiring Influencers

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  • 2 Jul, 2020  |
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1 Best Social Media Platforms For Aspiring Influencers

There’s no doubt that social media and influencer marketing are a match made in heaven. When considering that influencer marketing is an industry predicted to become worth over $10 million within the near future, becoming an influencer is an exceptionally lucrative decision. Whether you are hoping to create a reliable extra income stream, or you are planning on becoming a full-time influencer, the following social media platforms are the best for aspiring influencers.


TikTok is a relatively new social media platform. While some speculate that it may not last all that long, a more significant majority of users are quite confident the platform will overtake Instagram shortly. The app showcased exceptional popularity shortly after emerging on app stores as it hit the 1 billion download mark within its first two years of surfacing.

This app is an excellent choice for budding influencers as a result of the exceptional popularity around the globe. In addition to this, it should be your first choice as the app also boasts the ability to appeal to a notably diverse audience. To kickstart your career as an influencer, you can evaluate sites such as to start building a substantial following.


Instagram remains a top-rated choice for influencers as it is the platform that brought the influencer industry to life. However, the app’s popularity seems to be stagnating after the emergence of TikTok. Regardless, you will still be able to make significant gains as an influencer on Instagram.

When opting to advertise brands through this platform, beauty and fashion industry brands seem to have the most success. This is likely because females mainly use the platform in the age group of 18 to 34. However, a few other industries have also found substantial success when advertised on the platform by influencers.


YouTube is the second reigning search engine globally, which renders it an excellent choice for influencer marketing. In addition to this, studies show that roughly 20% of consumers are influenced by the content placed on YouTube when it comes to buyer behaviours.

When starting as an influencer on YouTube, you will be able to use the site to create video reviews of products and even informative how-to guides that will educate your audience. As people of very much visual beings, video platforms are exceptionally successful options for influencers as it is significantly easier to connect with the audience.


Facebook may not be the newest social media platform, and many of us would consider it the original social media site. However, the everlasting popularity of Facebook is one of the reasons why it is one of the best places to start your journey as an influencer. Most Facebook users already have large friend lists, which makes reaching an audience quite simple.

What’s more, Facebook also offers some paid advertising options that will help you get your content noticed. Building an audience with this site is more simplistic in comparison to YouTube and Instagram. However, you will still have to use influencer strategies to reach a specific audience and find quality leads.

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