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The Best CBD Coffee Brands

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  • 18 Jun, 2020  |
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CBD is quickly becoming everyone's favorite natural dietary supplement. Taking CBD on a regular basis may offer an extensive list of potential health benefits.

From giving your immune system a much needed boost to supporting positive natural health, there are many reasons why an increasing number of people are looking to CBD supplements. WayofLeaf is a great place to learn more about all the potential benefits of CBD and how it could improve your daily life.

As CBD becomes ever more popular, the list of ways that you can work a small dose into your regular routine is forever growing. Many brands now offer their customers everything from CBD oils and capsules to CBD bath bombs and creams.

A fun and simple way to work CBD into your diet is with CBD edibles. While the CBD edible industry was once limited to CBD gummies, this is no longer the case. One fantastic option that has caught CBD lover’s attention recently is CBD coffee.

What better way to start your day than with a steaming hot mug of coffee that has been infused with a healthy burst of CBD? Combining the benefits of CBD and caffeine together not only gives you the energy boost that you need in the morning but also starts your immune system off on the right foot for the day ahead.

So, let’s take a closer look at where you can find the best CBD coffee to help you kick start your day on a positive note.

EVO Coffee

1 The Best CBD Coffee Brands

Evo Coffee delivers barista quality coffee to your door, making it quick and straightforward to enjoy luxury coffee from your kitchen. Using a blend of Tanzanian Arabica coffee beans and Evo Coffee’s full-spectrum CBD blend, each mug provides a delicious and uplifting taste.

To ensure consistently high quality Evo Coffee sources all of its CBD from hero farms within the EU that uses organic and sustainable growing methods. Suitable for vegans and using a 100% natural coffee blend, everyone is able to benefit from adding a mug of Evo Coffee to their morning routine.

For those who like to enjoy coffee throughout the day, Evo Coffee also has a decaffeinated option bringing you the same great flavor without the sudden burst of energy.

Green Roads

2 The Best CBD Coffee Brands

Popular CBD brand Green Roads now offer their customers a range of great tasting coffee options as a new and exciting way to enjoy CBD first thing in the morning. Green Roads uses a combination of high quality Colombian coffee and hemp flower to create a delicious cup of coffee that you can brew at home.

With Green Roads’ coffee, you get the very best of both American grown hemp and Colombian coffee. Green Roads only works with organic hemp farms across the USA that guarantee their crops to be free from growth enhancers and potentially dangerous toxins.

Green Roads go the extra mile to ensure quality using independent lab testing to check the quality and purity of every single bag of beans that arrive at your door. Green Roads uses full-spectrum CBD sourced from hemp plants, guaranteeing that each cup of coffee contains no more than 0.3% THC.

Green Roads even have a number of flavored coffees so that you can experience the full barista experience without even having to leave your house. Great flavor options include hazelnut and French vanilla. Green Roads also has a signature founder’s blend for times when you want a simple, but robust cup of coffee.

CBD Hemporium

3 The Best CBD Coffee Brands

The CBD Hemporium has a few different CBD-infused coffee options to choose from, including Gourmet CBD ground coffee beans. Nothing quite beats the taste that you can achieve when grinding your own coffee beans fresh in the morning; and what better beans to use than CBD Hemporium beans?

CBD Hemporium sources all of its coffee beans from Colombia, working closely with the farms to ensure that their coffee comes from a single origin. The consistency in CBD Hemporium beans means that you experience a rich, smooth taste with each cup. 

Full-spectrum CBD that is grown with the USA and derived from hemp plants is used to infuse each bean. All of the hemp plants used by CBD Hemporium are sourced from organic farms that guarantee their products to be free from pesticides and other solvents.

The combination of deep rich coffee beans and the terpenes from the full-spectrum CBD come together to bring you an indulgent cup of coffee that helps to start your day off on a positive footing. CBD Hemporium’s medium roast has a naturally sweet flavor profile with distinct toffee and walnut notes while the light blends as more of a sweet citrus profile. 

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