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Cute Cats (39 pics)

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  • 29 May, 2020  |
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Benefits of being a Vet.

1 Cute Cats (39 pics)

This is how i know when she wants to play.

2 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My cat looks like he just told his favorite joke and he’s so proud of himself.

3 Cute Cats (39 pics)

The time I rescued a crying kitten outside my cat cuddled he.

4 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My Cat’s Morning Stretch.

5 Cute Cats (39 pics)


6 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My friend's wife and cat watching a shy stray kitten eat the food they put out.

7 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I've been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.

8 Cute Cats (39 pics)

The nurses let Henry see Nona for Christmas and he spent the entire day on her lap.

9 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Dad: We are not feeding that feral cat. Also Dad: I set up a heated cat house in the backward and put a camera so we can make sure she’s home safe every night.

10 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I've been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.

11 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Looks like their engagement photo.

12 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My kitten has taken a liking almost exclusively to me since I’m home with him all day. Well today when he ~finally~ hopped in my boyfriends lap, I snapped this gem.

13 Cute Cats (39 pics)

The day I brought little Owen home vs 1 year later. He grew into quite the majestic floof.

14 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond... I feel like the third wheel.

15 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Still love to sleep together.

16 Cute Cats (39 pics)

This is Tiger. He just turned 31. We are told he is the oldest cat in the state of Illinois.

17 Cute Cats (39 pics)

I had to get him his own keyboard to get any work done.

18 Cute Cats (39 pics)

"He's feral, he'll never be a loving cat". Meet Fuzz Aldrin. Born feral, now colossal suck.

19 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My girlfriends horse got a new friend.

20 Cute Cats (39 pics)

All 3 boys "help" me get ready for work every morning.

21 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Light refraction on this kitty.

22 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Convinced my boyfriend we should to adopt a rescue. It's only night 1 and I'm perfectly okay with this outcome.

23 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Head-bump loving cats are the WORST when they have the cone of shame!

24 Cute Cats (39 pics)

The smile that made my day.

25 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Kisses with a view.

26 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Mister Weez was always my big chonk. After a year of diet and exercise, he’s now my small/medium chonk.

27 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Our cat is obsessed with blanket forts, so we made him this. He has wares, if you have coin.

28 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Hey everyone! Back in July I posted our sweet little rescue, Kyra. Everyone asked to see her progress, well Reddit…Here she is in all of her glory!

29 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Grandparents went from "We dont need a damn cat." to "Did you set up Lulu's spot for dinner?"

30 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Born within three days of each other and already best friends.

31 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Dad passed out after a long day with the kids.

32 Cute Cats (39 pics)

I work as an industrial climber. Cats are always happy to see me.

33 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Kitten wheel.

34 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My cat keeping my mom company while she prays.

35 Cute Cats (39 pics)

I work in remote areas as a geologist. Was leaving my camp this morning and heard mewing. Turned and this little fella followed me and climbed me and promptly fell asleep. I think I’ve been chosen. World, meet Spud. He’s asleep in my field lab now after wet food and water.

36 Cute Cats (39 pics)

Mom was worried somebody would step on the cat, so she put cones around him.

37 Cute Cats (39 pics)

He sleeps like this.

38 Cute Cats (39 pics)

My baby Reinhardt turns one today!

39 Cute Cats (39 pics)


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