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OMG Photos (20 pics)

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  • 20 May, 2020  |
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What a cheesy outfit! Or is it saucy?

1 OMG Photos (20 pics)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or does it?

2 OMG Photos (20 pics)

Why limit yourself to a regular avocado if you can have a pixelated one to play Minecraft with?

3 OMG Photos (20 pics)

And what about this waterproof, *definitely* non-smelly Croc? Hope you find your size.

4 OMG Photos (20 pics)

When you try to be a cute girlfriend but you accidentally bring Voldemort back from the dead instead...

5 OMG Photos (20 pics)

I don’t really get what all the buzz around Van Gogh is... Painting like him is a piece of cake.

6 OMG Photos (20 pics)

Show this to your mom if she didn’t believe you would make it as a LEGO engineer. It actually drives, btw.

7 OMG Photos (20 pics)

And what about how these logs were stacked to form... well, art.

8 OMG Photos (20 pics)

This way you won’t complain about not having enough pockets anymore. Hats off to the designer!

9 OMG Photos (20 pics)

And speaking of fashion... Do you think I should wear these to the prom?

10 OMG Photos (20 pics)

This is what we call being talented (yes, that’s Cthulhu right there).

11 OMG Photos (20 pics)

It looks like whoever made these tribute nails to GoT took it a bit too far... In coolness that is!

12 OMG Photos (20 pics)

And from the same DIY stinky cheese Crocs, here’s a new design that will revolutionize this season’s pantries...

13 OMG Photos (20 pics)

Am I the only one who finds the lack of consistency in this picture *really* disturbing?

14 OMG Photos (20 pics)

But hey, there’s always someone out there that will brighten up your day!

15 OMG Photos (20 pics)

“Sorry officer I didn’t know how fast I was going.”

16 OMG Photos (20 pics)

Easy on the eyes, soft to the touch.

17 OMG Photos (20 pics)

This is what you call a practical joke...

18 OMG Photos (20 pics)

Makeup really does make a difference...

19 OMG Photos (20 pics)

If you thought that all these wonders of fashion were not enough, here’s our tribute to Lizzo and her minibag. This is really taking fashion to the next level!

20 OMG Photos (20 pics)


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