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7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

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  • 1 May, 2020  |
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Productivity is one of the buzzwords of 2020 and companies have put a premium on productive employees. Contrary to popular belief, cubiclized offices with little to no space for creativity dampens the overall productivity in the workplace. This is why companies have started to create breakout rooms that become a place of relaxation, fun, and collaboration.

How do you design a breakout room? What are you supposed to place in there? If you are looking for ideas that you can do with your new breakout room, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you get started.

1. Add a Plush Sofa

What’s a breakout room without a comfortable place to sit on? If you’re planning to make people feel cozy and relaxed, then a plush sofa is something you need in this space. It doesn’t have to be a huge sofa, but it has to be soft and comfortable. This way, your employees can have that much-needed plop that will help them take away the stress.

1 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

2. Paint it With Vibrant Colors

Dull and bleak colors are a thing of the past. Even if your office is not due for a repaint yet, your breakout room should get a go with a new splash of color. Consider adding bright colors like red, yellow, green, and blue. Aside from brightening up people’s feelings, they’re just so friendly and soft to the eyes.

You can paint the walls or look for furniture and fixtures that have bright colors. Feel free to mix and match as long as the colors complement each other.

2 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

3. Let the Sun Shine

If you’re just working on the floor plan of your office floor, then you have enough freedom to place your breakout room near the windows. Sunlight can help boost productivity and your team’s overall well-being. Besides, what’s not to love with a little bit of natural light in the room? Instead of assigning the room to a dark corner of the office, make it strategic that it gets all the sunlight it needs. That way, the room itself becomes enticing to everybody. Just don’t forget to add blinds so they can always roll it down if the room is too bright.

3 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

4. Place Some Games

Foosball anyone? This oldie but goodie addition to your break room is enough to get people to have fun during your breaks. Everyone has their competitive side, and a game of foosball is enough to reinforce that winning spirit in your team. Moreover, a foosball table does not take up much real estate and nor does it cost a lot. You can get a pro-quality foosball table for well under $800, which is a negligible investment considering the fun-value it can add to your break room.

You should also consider adding board games like Monopoly, Game of Life, Jenga, and even a few card games like Cards Against Humanity. These are games that can get your brain working even without you noticing it. Besides, they take up just a small space on the shelf.

4 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

5. Get Your Fridge Stocked

Everybody loves free food. Even if it’s just coffee, protein bars, yogurt, and a few fruits, these go a long way in ensuring that your employees stay productive and healthy. Of course, you should always see to it that there’s food in the fridge so your employees don’t get disappointed.

If you have decided to place a few snacks, don’t forget to place a small counter or a pantry just so everyone can eat properly in the break out room. And if you plan on a long brainstorming session, these snacks will come in handy.

5 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

6. Add Some Plants

More than just decoration in the room, plants produce oxygen that can help clear the mind of the clutter. Plants also give that natural and healthy look to a room. Don’t worry, you don’t have to place a lot - a few pots and indoor plants will suffice. Just make sure that these plants are strategically placed so they add more calmness to the room.

6 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

7. Be Creative

Honestly, there are so many things you can do to a breakout room. You can have hanging plants, lights, frames, and all the other things that you can think of. You can even have unconventional layouts and colors.

When it comes to breakout rooms, what you always have to remember is that you have to create a room where people will feel comfortable. There should be enough space, enough room to walk and sit in, and there’s enough lighting. At the end of the day, a breakout room is not meant to just look nice, but it’s also meant to be functional.

7 7 Office Break Out Room Ideas to Foster Productivity

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