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Should You Add a Pool to Your Home?

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  • 30 Apr, 2020  |
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Each one of us has the idea of the perfect dream home in their heads. Once you seal a deal with your Miami Real Estate agent, you will be thinking about how to spruce up your new home. Or you might find your existing home boring and want to add new features. You can add a new shed, paved patio, or a pool. Many homeowners in Miami are considering the pool option as their final decision. And there are different factors that lead to this. Some love the fact that they can go for a swim whenever they want. Others find the sight very relaxing. There are homeowners that would add a pool to enhance the curb appeal. But, there are people that will add a pool to sell their home quicker or increase its market price.

There are a few important benefits that a pool will bring for your home. When you know more about them, you can analyze if a pool will suit your needs. So, read on and find out more!

1 Should You Add a Pool to Your Home?

A pool will add value to your home

This is a very common question that bothers homeowners. Adding a pool to your home will really increase the value of your home. On average, you can get a 7% boost in the price. Do your math to find out if it is feasible for your home.

2 Should You Add a Pool to Your Home?

When you have an increased value on your mind, you should be careful. There are a few things that you should think about:

• Above-ground pools are an exception. Keep in mind that these can influence the price in a negative way. Potential buyers might be turned away by a mounted above-ground pool. A pool will only increase the value of your home if it is inground.

• Pool installation can be pretty costly. You won’t be able to recoup the whole amount that you will pay for installation.

• Homes located in sunny regions that can take advantage of the pool all year will benefit from adding one. Since the swimming season in Miami is quite longer, installing a pool will be feasible for you.

• Buyers are known to prefer homes with pools in Miami. Consider this addition as your strategic advantage on the market, as most of the houses in Miami have one in their backyard. It can be pretty odd to see a home with an empty yard. The usual practice is to buy a condo with a nice pool. It is very likely that your home with a pool will be given advantage, compared to a home without one.

3 Should You Add a Pool to Your Home?

Expect high maintenance costs

Don’t forget the fact that a pool needs proper maintenance. When you calculate the costs for installation, don’t stop here. Think long term and include the costs for regular maintenance and repairs. Whether you are skilled in doing home improvements or will hire professional services, you will need to bear a certain amount of costs.

Keep in mind the following:
• The total costs of owning a pool consist of electricity cost, water cost, chemical cleaning agents, filters, pool pumps, and others.
• Pool maintenance can cost more than other usual home repairs. The costs will mostly depend on the size of the pool but they usually start at $1,200 for a whole year. But, you can expect the cost to climb up to $1,800.
• If your pool is larger or has any other additional features, you can expect to pay even more than this amount.

Your family’s needs

Owning a pool will make every member of the family happy. If you think that your family will enjoy the pool so much, you should give it a go. After all, it can be an excellent way to spend time together. Consider adding a pool if you really love outdoor entertainment or Sunday BBQ.

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