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Wow Photos (55 pics)

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  • 28 Apr, 2020  |
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Thailand. Pavilion of the Enlightened.

1 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This Hawaiian fishing rig from the 40s.

2 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Blue Whale with a 75-Foot Boat for Scale.

3 Wow Photos (55 pics)

“Bio mechanical tattoo.”

4 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Roof-streets of Masuleh, Iran.

5 Wow Photos (55 pics)

132 year old rifle that was found leaning up against a tree.

6 Wow Photos (55 pics)

The peregrine falcon is considered the fastest animal on the planet when it dives, it tucks its wings in and closes its nostrils when it dives towards prey and it can reach up to 240 mph.

7 Wow Photos (55 pics)

The First Global Map of the Seafloor.

8 Wow Photos (55 pics)

LA Policemen disguise themselves as women to catch a purse-snatcher in the 1960’s.

9 Wow Photos (55 pics)

A ~4,000 year old student 'writing board' from ancient Egypt with teacher's corrections. These boards would be reused by 'whitewashing' for each new exercise/test.

10 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Kiwi fruit under UV Light.

11 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Some pretty cool fossils.

12 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Mauritius Island, Africa.

13 Wow Photos (55 pics)

The very first simulated image of a black hole, calculated using a 1960s punch card IBM 7040 computer and plotted by hand by French astrophysicist Jean-Pierre Luminet in 1978.

14 Wow Photos (55 pics)

19th of August, 1961 in Lysekil, Sweden - very unlikely traffic accident: collision between a car and a submarine.

15 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Chain made of Stone, Ancient India.

16 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Nembrotha Cristata sea slug.

17 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Storm on Saturn.

18 Wow Photos (55 pics)

X-Ray of a Ray.

19 Wow Photos (55 pics)

In 2008, Monster Mike Schultz, a pro snowmobile racer, had his left leg amputated above the knee. Seven months later, he was zooming around on a dirt bike wearing a prosthetic leg that he designed and built himself. X Games 8xgold medalist motocross snowcross and Gold Silver paralympic Snowboarding.

20 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Artwork created by thousands of galvanized nails and single unbroken sewing thread.

21 Wow Photos (55 pics)

“Largest US flag ever made in Hoover Dam (each star = 17ft tall, or 1 George Washington!).”

22 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Enypniastes is a genus of deep-sea sea cucumber, commonly known as the "Headless chicken monster". It's entire digestive tract is in view.

23 Wow Photos (55 pics)

In 1977 NASA launched Voyager 1 and 2 into deep space contain within these spacecraft were gold-plated copper phonograph that contained sounds and images from Earth. The idea was to send something into the universe that demonstrated humanity's wish to join a "community of galactic civilizations".

24 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Moons of our solar system.

25 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This Finnish water tower/ watchtower/ clock tower/ nature museum/ restaurant.

26 Wow Photos (55 pics)

A bridge in Iceland.

27 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Urban planning before autocad circa 1951.

28 Wow Photos (55 pics)

In Tokyo, there exists a perfect replica of Tokyo in Lego.

29 Wow Photos (55 pics)

German method of detecting and visualizing enemy aircraft prior to the invention of radar (photo from 1917) using a combined acoustic/optical apparatus.

30 Wow Photos (55 pics)

The Darvaza gas crater, also known as the Door to Hell or Gates of Hell, is a natural gas field collapsed into a cavern located in Derweze, Turkmenistan. Geologists intentionally set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas, and it is thought to have been burning continuously since 1971.

31 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This Street Art in Sweden.

32 Wow Photos (55 pics)

“Recreating the Dinosaur extinction in my kitchen.”

33 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Pigeon with 200 pills of ecstasy in a little backpack.

34 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Pearl Harbor from a Japanese plane during the surprise attack on December 7, 1941.

35 Wow Photos (55 pics)

A Wasps Nest Formed Around A Mask.

36 Wow Photos (55 pics)

When double-decker buses were being rolled out in London there was public fear they'd too easily tip over. A public awareness campaign was launched to assure them they were safe to ride.

37 Wow Photos (55 pics)

An albino raven.

38 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Custom rally sport Porsche 911.

39 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This is the traffic control center in Beijing.

40 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This steamer trunk from 1890 converted to a dresser so the traveler didn’t have to unpack.

41 Wow Photos (55 pics)

“My girlfriend found a five leaf clover.”

42 Wow Photos (55 pics)

The Markthal - the biggest indoor market, Rotterdam.

43 Wow Photos (55 pics)

How tight a F-22 can turn during a power loop.

44 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Albino Tortoise.

45 Wow Photos (55 pics)

The milky way perfectly aligned with the temple of Karnak Egypt.

46 Wow Photos (55 pics)

150 million year old dinosaur footprints in France.

47 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This is the first Pacific Barreleye Fish ever Photographed alive in 2004. Its existence have been documented since 1939, its eyes are actually the green domes inside the Transparent shell of the head.

48 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Colorful iceberg.

49 Wow Photos (55 pics)

This beautifully crafted banister.

50 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Pillars of fire on the Falcon Heavy.

51 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Painting a "glow" effect on plasma weapons.

52 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Very big cactus.

53 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Bent wood and brass buffet.

54 Wow Photos (55 pics)

Shortest underwater tunnel in the world.

55 Wow Photos (55 pics)


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