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7 Ways to Develop Your Analytical Ability During the Quarantine

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  • 23 Apr, 2020  |
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Quarantine can spawn boredom, but it is also the perfect time to pick up a new skill or two. Apart from general skills, like cooking, it is vital that we grow our analytical skills, too. Strong analytical skills can come in handy in the real world, so it’s important that we improve on them.

1 7 Ways to Develop Your Analytical Ability During the Quarantine

Improving analytical thinking may take a while, but it sure is worth the effort. If you’ve been considering whether or not to try and improve your analytical skills, take this as an affirmative sign!

Below are seven ways to develop your analytical skills during quarantine:

1. Immerse Yourself in Quality Literature

One of the best ways to boost your analytical skills is by reading books; fiction works best in such cases, particularly well-known classics like Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, or Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Classic and modern literature offers ample material for our minds to consider and analyze with a critical eye. Fiction has the power to address important issues using tools like symbolism, metaphors, and themes; all of these can also be analyzed to better understand the novel's true message.
By reading literature, you will not only get a chance to enjoy and relax with a book, but analyzing the text will also get your brain's cogs turning.

Apart from fiction, you can also read up on some non-fiction critical analysis essays. Did you know that reading an analytical essay can help you think better? You can find any analytical essay sample online. It’s true-the same way in which writing an analysis essay can improve brainpower, reading up on various analytical essay topics can do wonders for your thinking ability. Play Brain Training Games

The internet is filled with a fantastic collection of amazing brain training games. Popular options include Elevate and Lumosity; two free example applications available to download for free across all smart devices. You can also find similar brain games using your computer.
Think of these games as a brain workout; as long as your mind is engaged in quality activities, it will learn from the experience and better its analytical skills.

2. Watch Documentaries

Watching documentaries can boost both your intellect and knowledge; documentaries cover a wide variety of topics, and watching them leaves us better informed and more aware than we were before. There are many genres that offer analytical documentaries; mystery and true crime documentaries are ideal because they analyze many important things, including human patterns, criminal behavior, and much more.

Watching such documentaries can train your brain to be wary and significantly boost your analytical skills. Plus, if you’re interested in the topic at hand, these non-fiction films can be fun to watch!

3. Observe

Being vigilant and observing the world around, you can open up your mind and encourage productive thinking. Take note of larger things as well as smaller details; it's usually the latter that will help you with puzzle-solving that can help improve your innate analysis ability.
Keep an eye out for changes, large or minor, as well as the things in your surroundings and personal life that remain constant. Once you do this, you can move on to the next point…

2 7 Ways to Develop Your Analytical Ability During the Quarantine

4. Ask Questions

After your bran has gathered data, it’s time to process it; asking questions will push your brain to derive reason and logic from the answers you get.

Sometimes, asking questions is more important than receiving answers; the right kind of questions can get your brain’s juices flowing, which will ultimately help sharpen your mind.

5. Practice Math Questions

This may sound like a no-brainer, but math can actually sharpen your mind in ways you’ve never imagined. Math has been proved to sharpen your brain's thinking skills, cognitive ability, and memory as well as boost your mind’s ability to analyze things and scenarios.

The math changes the way we think; continuously practicing math can improve your brain’s physical neurology. That’s right-doing enough math can literally rewire your brain for the better! As your practice progresses and your math skills improve, your brain creates new neurological pathways that do more than just improve your math skills. These pathways promote as a new and improved way of thinking, which includes your analytical abilities.

If plain old college math sums aren’t your thing, look into more creative fields like word problems, trigonometry, or geometric questions. These are bound to boost your brainpower and leave you with better fact-processing and reasoning abilities than before.

6. Let Your Mind Wander

This may sound counterproductive, but letting your mind wander on its own can actually help improve the way you think. It encourages self-reflection and causes us to think in new, fascinating ways. Wandering is one of the best ways to come up with new ideas; just try to stay away from negative thoughts, though, and you’re good!


To recap, here are the seven things you can do to develop your analytical ability during quarantine:

‎• Enjoy quality literature

• Try out new online brain training games

• Watch thought-provoking documentaries

• Observe the world around you

• Ask plenty of questions

• Practice Math

• Allow your mind to wander and pave the path to self-reflection and new discoveries

As you can see, there are many great ways in which you can develop your analytical ability. The best part about these methods is that none of them require you to go outside; all of them can easily be practiced under quarantine conditions, and options like math practice and reading can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and put these activities on your to-do list and start training your brain to be better, faster, and stronger!

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