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Great Teachers (17 pics)

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  • 22 Apr, 2020  |
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“This morning, Mr. Johnson made sandwiches for his students before an important exam.”

1 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“My professor’s door:”

2 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“My teacher nailed his student’s phone to the wall for using it in class 20 years ago. It’s still there.”

3 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“Our biology teacher brought a skeleton to class yesterday, and now everyone is treating it as if it’s a part of our class.”

4 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“My professor doesn’t believe in laser pointers, so he uses a fishing pole with a foam finger attached to it, and I can’t concentrate on the lecture because of this.”

5 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“My cooking class has a mirror on the ceiling, so we can see what the teacher is doing.”

6 Great Teachers (17 pics)

Some teachers are also aware that memes exist: “Why didn’t you put your name on the paper?”

7 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“This is my teacher’s stance. It always seems to happen in front of me.”

8 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“I found this in my school’s computer room:”

9 Great Teachers (17 pics)

How my university is helping us get over exam stress: “Instant exam-stress relieving bubble wrap. ‘Clinically’ proven up to 100% effective.”

10 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“When your students are genuinely interested in psychology and are very excited for you to teach them:”

11 Great Teachers (17 pics)

Our chemistry substitute teacher would slowly write Avengers: Endgame spoilers every time we started talking.

12 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“My professor brought in a 10MB hard disk from the 1960s.”

13 Great Teachers (17 pics)

When your professor really gets mad: “Late assignments.”

14 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“This dude rolled into our math class and left, without saying a word.” Maybe it was a hint from the teacher?

15 Great Teachers (17 pics)

“My biology professor was wearing an awesome tie yesterday.”

16 Great Teachers (17 pics)

Bonus: A touching story from a romantic teacher:

17 Great Teachers (17 pics)


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