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Three Football Betting Tips to Improve Your Strike Rate in 2020

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  • 9 Apr, 2020  |
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1 Three Football Betting Tips to Improve Your Strike Rate in 2020

Football betting is a hugely popular pastime, with people all over the world enjoying a flutter on the upcoming games.

For most of us, this is a hobby and win, lose or draw we get excitement from placing a bet and cheering it home. Football has seen many funny moments over the years too, which we have all enjoyed.

However, what if you want to improve your strike rate and land more winners this year?

We have three tips here that will help you become a better gambler. You will still need footballing knowledge of your own, but that combined with our three tips will put you on the right track.

Every bet feels better when it is a winner, so here are three changes to make that will give you more chance of being one of the lucky few who win on a regular basis.

Bet with Caution When Using Accas

One of the most popular bets to place is an accumulator. These offer big returns for a small outlay, which is why they are so popular with punters.

However, there is an easy trap to fall into and that is to try and win too much. There is no need to be greedy here, bet with caution and you will have a much better chance of winning.

While those big numbers that you see on potential returns look great, the chances of one actually landing are slim.

When you have chosen the teams you want to bet on, take another look back through the bet and try to knock a couple of selections out.

This will limit your risk, giving you more chance of picking up a win.

Betting in this way will also help your confidence, even if they are smaller wins, there is nothing better for confidence than picking up a return.

Concentrate on One League

While we all bet on big tournaments such as the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup, when it comes to domestic leagues you should always try and specialise in something.

Few people out there will have enough time to properly research a number of different leagues. Instead of spreading yourself thin, do a lot of research on just one league to increase your chances of winning.

This can be any league from around the world, but obviously it is in your interest to choose one that you know best.

Big leagues such as the Premier League are always popular as they have excellent TV coverage, allowing you to watch a lot of games.

With what you see, plus the research you complete during the week, you will have a great chance of landing a weekend winner with this new approach, taking in limited games.

Use Anything You Can from the Bookmakers

There are some fantastic offers out there for punters to take advantage of, and you really need these on your side.

The available free bet no deposit sign up offers give you a great start with a new account and will allow you to place bets with your extra funds.

These are effectively free chances to win, a risk-free way of betting against your bookmaker.

If you can take advantage of these on a regular basis, either as welcome offers or regular offers from the bookmakers you are with then you are taking a risk-free punt.

Should you lose, no damage is done to your betting bank, while if you win, you will increase your bank by the total of the winnings.

With these key offers on your side, you can bet without hurting your profit and loss figures, and if you’re lucky you will improve those figures.

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