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Brothel Facts (7 pics)

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“Remove prostitution from human affairs and you will destroy everything with lust” – Augustine. Let’s get to know our local Brothel. Leave it to zie Germanics to invent the our modern brothels which they call “Frauenhaus” = House for Common Women. Each Frauenhaus holds 12 to 13 prostitutes.

1 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

Brothel keepers are sworn in by our good-hearted city Mayors. Almost all keepers are women…and they are permitted to harshly discipline their employees.

2 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

You can find most brothels near the hangman’s house near the outskirts of the city. Rent per month = £70. In 600 years that will equal 86.70 dollars in an undiscovered land.

3 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

As we all know, prostitution is a necessary vice. It simply helps to curb “men’s lust”. This is the Law of the Land.

4 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

Once a prostitute is awarded employment, she adhere to all the in-house rules. What she wears is not an option.

5 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

Civic officials regulate all brothels. If a Frauenhaus is run within a city’s protective walls, they must maintain profitability.

6 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

Our current greatest worry of losing this Nobel establishment is from out-side invaders. If the soldiers continue to raid the brothels then profitability can not be predicted. Were this to happen, our land would simply have coffee houses. Just imagine.

7 Brothel Facts (7 pics)

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