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4 Tips on Marketing Your Beloved Charity

  • Category: Pics  |
  • 27 Mar, 2020  |
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1 4 Tips on Marketing Your Beloved Charity

If you're the proud owner of a charity, you'll need to put lots of focus on your marketing strategy to ensure you reach a wide audience. Charities succeed when plenty of people actively follow your charity's day-to-day progress until they ultimately choose to contribute. Marketing can be a time-consuming and complex process, especially if you're inexperienced in its principles. If you're looking for a few simple tips on how to increase your brand awareness for your charity, these five steps will help you on your way.

1. Banners for events

Charities thrive at events. Events are a fantastic way to increase awareness of your charity and speak to members of the general public about your cause. To attract attention at your events and to come across as a professional, established organization, make sure you create Custom Vinyl banners and signage to show off your charity’s logo.

Printmoz is a great company to use for any banners or signs you need for your charity’s events. With a professional, experienced team, affordable prices, and a quick turnaround time, you’ll have your promotional material in no time.

2. Online marketing

Like any modern business, you'll need to invest some time and money in digital marketing. The days of flyering and TV ads are a thing of the past. Digital marketing includes using SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing strategies. Research SEO to understand how you can draw more organic traffic to your website. SEO will help your target audience find you. Also, learn how to use social media to increase your following and your brand awareness. Social media, when used correctly, is a great way to build engagement with your charity's brand.

3. Word of mouth

Many people trust the opinions of their friends and family more than random online advertising. Rely on word of mouth for your charity’s marketing. It’s easy to see why word of mouth will help increase your brand awareness, but how can you encourage people to have discussions about your charity? This is no easy task - only 6% of marketers believe they have mastered word of mouth marketing. Think about which brands excite you enough to tell your friends about them. Try including a referral prize to encourage more discussions about your brand.

4. Celebrity endorsements

While many people trust their friends' opinions, even more people trust influencers and celebrities. By finding a celebrity who's happy to endorse your charity, you'll open yourself up to loads of new free marketing. Your charity will appear on their social media, and you're bound to reach a much wider audience. Subconsciously, many people will wish to be more like their favorite celebrity. If a celebrity has donated to your charity, their fans are more likely to follow suit.

Try using these four tips to improve your charity’s marketing and get the word out about your unique brand. Remember to use a mixture of physical advertising such as banners and signs, along with digital marketing such as social media and SEO, and you’re sure to see an increase in brand awareness for your charity.

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