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10 Reasons Why You Lose So Much Money at The Casino

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  • 12 Mar, 2020  |
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Why do we gamble?

The motivational factors for gambling are broad and various.

Sometimes it is because we want more, we want wealth, we want the security that money brings.

This is not the only reason people gamble, gambling is a multifaceted activity. Many factors come into play when a person decides to gamble. For some people it is for the buzz of chase, the experience of chance, for some it is the social aspect, especially with regard to going to casinos, the going along with the crowd or to create some excitement in their lives. Other reasons include escaping negative feelings, to create a distraction. There are many other reasons, sub reasons and multiple reasons why we gamble. Often, a person will start for one reason and develop another. For many it is a habit formed.

1 10 Reasons Why You Lose So Much Money at The Casino

1. You’re Picking the Wrong Games

For example with Poker, choose the right game and the winnings could be sky high, pick the wrong game and you’re onto a loser.

Statistically Blackjack is the game that offers the best odds.

2. You’re Picking the Wrong Casino

For actual Casino visits, unless you are in Las Vegas, there is not much choice of casino, often it is the only choice in town. For online gambling there is a plethora of choice, so choose carefully. Always, pick a licensed reputable online Casino, one that encourages responsible gambling.

3. You Don’t Have a Plan

A plan is a strategy and even if your motivation is to have some fun and get value from your money a strategy will increase your chances of winning and increase that enjoyment. If you’re in it for the big bucks then a strategy is an essential tool. Remember the saying “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”.

4. You Don’t Know the Game

Not knowing the game is no excuse, really, honestly! Get to know the game, at an actual casino, watch and learn. Watch the game; see how it rolls before you part with any money.

For the online casinos, there should be the opportunity to play without real money to practice before you get started with real money casino games. Don’t gamble money on a game you don’t know. That is not part of the plan.

5. You Bet Too Much

Never, ever bet more than you can afford to lose. Have a budget and stick to it. If you make $100.00 then you can gamble that. If you start out was $40.00 then if you lose don’t bet your shirt.

6. You Play to Recover Your Losses

Is this part of your strategy? I thought not. Consider, very, very carefully before playing on in an attempt to recover loses.

7. You Don’t Take Care of Yourself

Self care = self respect. Respect yourself. There is nothing wrong with gambling if you do it responsibly. It is a lot of fun and can earn you a lot of money. Consider, how going on will affect you in the long term.

8. You Are Greedy

Part of human nature is to be greedy. We always want more. Are you greedy or are you getting carried away? If you think you are being greedy then stop. Don’t beat yourself up later with head in hands wailing that you were too greedy. Do what is natural, but take care of yourself.

9. You Think You’re Special

Everyone is special. Okay, that is a fact. You are special. But you do not have a special gift, strategy or edge that ensures you win big all the time, every time. Trust me on this the main winners will always be the casino.

10. You Have a Bad Day

We all have a bad day sometimes. If you’re not getting in the zone, then stop. There is always another day.


Gambling is fun, gambling can make you megabucks. The thing to remember though is to always have a plan, stick to it and have fun with the games. Don’t put yourself into a position that you will regret later.

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