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Family Jokes (20 pics)

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“My wife hates this picture of me, so naturally I made it into a blanket for her as a Valentine’s gift.”

1 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“My kid did this portrait of me over 10 years ago. I still look the same, IMO.”

2 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“My wife wasn’t sure what to spend our 1,900 Dave and Busters tickets on. I made an executive decision.”

3 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“My fiancé teased me about not having a picture of him at my desk, so he made me this.”

4 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“My friends 5-year-old drew a picture of me in the Xmas card they gave us. I think he nailed it.”

5 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“My baby’s first birthday. We had no idea there was a sparkler in the candle!”

6 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“This was a complete accident.”

7 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“I attempted to take a cute picture of me and my dog. This was the result.”

8 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“Our wedding photographer captured the moment our cake started to topple.”

9 Family Jokes (20 pics)

Strawberry shortcake, more like “strawberry’s short on the cake.”

10 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye.”

11 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“I was going for red velvet cookies with a cream cheese center.”

12 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“I let my daughter give me a sleeve of temporary tattoos so I looked more like the other dad’s at her school.”

13 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“This is a photo of me noticing a wasp nest.”

14 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“Online shopping gone right! I ordered a size small dress! Here’s what I got!”

15 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“What I planned to make... What I made.”

16 Family Jokes (20 pics)

This cake that doesn’t look that similar to the one in the recipe.

17 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“Ordered a burger on a jalapeño bun and this is what I got.”

18 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“I ordered wrapping paper online, there was a mistake and now I have a massive poster of my face. I’m not even mad.”

19 Family Jokes (20 pics)

“I wanted to take a picture showing off the huge piece of calamari I was about to eat. I never got to eat it.”

20 Family Jokes (20 pics)


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