Dating A Friend's Ex-Girlfriend: When It's OK And When It's Not

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1 Dating A Friend's Ex-Girlfriend: When It's OK And When It's Not

The question if it’s worth dating a friend`s ex-girlfriend has always been hot-potato. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages you have to consider and a lot of possible consequences you have to think of. Today prepared some information that you can read and decide what to do.

When Dating Your Friend's Ex is OK

First of all, you can start thinking of starting the relationship with the ex-girlfriend of your friend when it`s has been a long time ago when they broke up. When you are sure that your friend doesn`t think about his ex anymore and you are sure that everything is over. Maybe he even has a new girlfriend. That would be a huge plus for you because your friend has a completely new life.

Also, you can think of dating your best friend's ex if you have talked to him and he doesn`t mind this idea. It`s out of necessity to tell your friend in advance about your plans. Otherwise, you can lose the friendship and ruin all the best you had. Your friend is the first person to know about your thoughts, especially if it considers his past.

Is it okay to date your friend's ex-girlfriend if it was your friend who wanted to break up with her? Definitely yes. The fact that your friend was the first who decided to finish the relationship means that he has some reasons for it and he is already over this girl. If your situation is just like this, you have a right to try something with his ex.

When Dating Your Friend's Ex is not OK

Think twice if your friend is definitely over his girlfriend. Id he still talks bout her, shares stories about their time together and you see that he is missing her, don`t you dare to date his ex. He is now very vulnerable at this stage and he needs the support of nearest and dearest. If you start dating his ex right now, he can become really depressed.

Think about the reasons why your friend and his ex-girlfriend broke up. Reasons can help you to make a choice if it`s worth dating this girl. If she cheated on your friend or she humiliated your friend, you will be the worst friend in the world if you neglect this fact and start going out with his ex. Moreover, it can happen to you as well.

Is it wrong to date your friend's ex if they can`t stand each other? We think that the answer is yes. How can you spend time together or hanging out with your friend knowing that he hates even the sound of her name? It creates a lot of problems and embarrassing moments so it`s better to avoid this situation.

In general, if you have some thoughts about dating your friend`s ex the first thing you have to do is to talk to your friend about it. He`s the one to tell you if it`s a good idea and even give some advice. This way you can save your friendship and relationship.

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