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The Top Memes Of All Times

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  • 18 Feb, 2020  |
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Sometimes, the best way to relax is to just do nothing but browse memes or play games. The best games to play are free slot machines. Check this link and download free casino slot games to play offline. But if you want to have a laugh, then memes are the way to go. Here is our list of the best memes of all time.

Crying Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is an icon in action films. Because of his machismo, people took to action and put tears in his eyes. The meme of Wesley Snipes crying is best used to show how emotional one person can be over trivial things—things that almost everyone can relate to.

1 The Top Memes Of All Times

Sad Keanu

Keanu Reeves is a world favourite. He is a good man who has shown strength despite several tragic incidents in his life, like losing his girlfriend in an accident and his unborn child due to a miscarriage. He has high respect for women and has never been accused of doing anything sleazy.

And despite all this, he donated more than $75 million of his earnings from The Matrix trilogy. Because of his kindness and popularity, a sad Keanu has become a go-to meme to show his impact on the world.

2 The Top Memes Of All Times

Chuck Norris

Even before the days of the internet, Chuck Norris became the butt of jokes, mostly in a satirical way. Chuck Norris is known for being the hero in all his films despite the impossible odds. As such, he is always depicted as the person who does the impossible.

3 The Top Memes Of All Times


Drake is the artist who popularized the song “Bling”. People took still shots from the music video of the same song. One was showing Drake not amenable to something, and one that shows him happy and with an approving face.

Since then, these two photos were used to show people things that are acceptable and thing that are not, mostly about mundane things like how a tissue paper should be rolled. Some even replaced Drake’s head with Thanos’s.

4 The Top Memes Of All Times

Distracted Boyfriend

A photo of a guy with his girlfriend surfaced on the internet many years ago. The thing is, the guy was checking out the behinds of another girl. Instead of sparking outrage, the photo became a meme about how blatant people show disloyalty to a partner or a product.

5 The Top Memes Of All Times

Drunk Baby

While drunk babies are not real, they are hilarious. They show how an innocent-looking human can do crazy things. Memes that show drunk babies try to squeeze adult humour with baby-related stuff. These memes appeal to the innocence of humans and yet try to infuse seemingly asinine things that we do around babies.

6 The Top Memes Of All Times

Grumpy Cat

Cats are the ultimate memes. Cats started appearing on YouTube when it first launched. Pretty much, cat videos where the staple of YouTube at that time. Eventually, it branched out into image memes as social media rose in popularity.

Cat memes show how humans are connected to them and how we like anthropomorphic jokes. Cat memes are not limited to any topic or sense of humour, as a lot of jokes can be related to grumpy cats.

7 The Top Memes Of All Times


Memes are going to stay. They are funny, and they can help relieve stress. Over time, they also evolve, and the creators of memes do the best they can to make the memes appropriate for the time. To relieve stress, add games into your life and play after a good bout of laughter. Play free slot machines on your phone to pass the time and relax!

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