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Food Fails (36 pics)

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  • 10 Feb, 2020  |
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My martini came out with one olive. I asked for a couple more...

1 Food Fails (36 pics)

Asked for extra onion.

2 Food Fails (36 pics)

“Can I get pickles with my burger please?” “Nothing else?” “No, just pickles, pickles, pickles.”

3 Food Fails (36 pics)

Waitress: We’re so sorry, but we are all out of buns. Would it be alright if we made your sandwich with waffles instead? Me: Would it be alright if I asked you to marry me?

4 Food Fails (36 pics)

Extra garlic on my ramen.

5 Food Fails (36 pics)

I manage a deli for a small chain supermarket. One of the cart guys asked me to make a pizza with 4x extra cheese. That's 30oz of cheese.

6 Food Fails (36 pics)

Extra, extra, EXTRA tomato.

7 Food Fails (36 pics)

I told my son he could only get one donut.

8 Food Fails (36 pics)

I ordered a hot chocolate with the request “Please put in as many marshmallows as you are legally allowed to”, and they gave me a whole extra cup full of marshmallows.

9 Food Fails (36 pics)

When you ask for extra ranch and they deliver.

10 Food Fails (36 pics)

Friend ordered chicken on her pizza in Israel. Reasonable execution.

11 Food Fails (36 pics)

A customer jokingly complained to the bartender that his blue cheese wasn't blue the last time he ordered it.

12 Food Fails (36 pics)

“Cheese on the side please.”

13 Food Fails (36 pics)

Customer wanted an “obscene” amount of lemons and I aim to please.

14 Food Fails (36 pics)

"May I have a couple extra crackers with my clam chowder, please?"

15 Food Fails (36 pics)

My friend: "I don't like birthday cake". His girlfriend: meatloaf layered with marinara, garlic mash, pepperoni stick candles, prosciutto roses.

16 Food Fails (36 pics)

Asked for extra arugula. Was not disappointed.

17 Food Fails (36 pics)

A few extra patties.

18 Food Fails (36 pics)

Now this is what I call nachos with extra cheese and sour cream!

19 Food Fails (36 pics)

20 Food Fails (36 pics)

My friend said my bread wasn’t in “fun enough shapes” so I baked him this.

21 Food Fails (36 pics)

I asked the guy taking my order for, “as much fire sauce as you can give me without losing your job.” Turns out that’s 243 packets. I love you Taco Bell, and promise not to ask for anymore sauce for a while.

22 Food Fails (36 pics)

My friend made it very clear that he DID NOT want a pink birthday cake, and I complied.

23 Food Fails (36 pics)

I asked for gravy with my side of mashed potatoes.

24 Food Fails (36 pics)

My cousin was asked to bring a potato dish to the family party...

25 Food Fails (36 pics)

I asked then to leave 'the little crunchies' with the food. 10/10 service.

26 Food Fails (36 pics)

Taco guy: what can I get you? Me: just the meat.

27 Food Fails (36 pics)

Drunk friend I was DD’ing for asked for “extra pickles” with her Cheeseburger...

28 Food Fails (36 pics)

I complained about not getting any ketchup in the last two orders. so this time I specifically asked for two pack of ketchup.

29 Food Fails (36 pics)

My dad ordered a salad for 20 people and received 20 one person salads.

30 Food Fails (36 pics)

The food truck sign said “FRIES $5, ADD CHEESE $2” - I only realized the cheese was meant for hamburgers after they handed me this.

31 Food Fails (36 pics)

Extra limes for my gin and tonic.

32 Food Fails (36 pics)

Ordered a Grilled Cheese, asked for Extra Cheese...

33 Food Fails (36 pics)

We asked for extra salt...

34 Food Fails (36 pics)

Just ordered a 12 inch pizza and meant to ask for it to be 10 inch, I mistyped and put 1 inch…

35 Food Fails (36 pics)

"Extra Mayo"

36 Food Fails (36 pics)

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