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Colour Of The Year 2020

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1 Colour Of The Year 2020

As we welcome the year 2020, we can expect casinos, where players can play free casino slot games with bonus rounds to change parts of their web themes into the New Year’s colour, as this signals good luck not only for the operators but also to the gamers. Game developers will do the same, and we should look forward to new title releases that highlight the new colour.

The colour of the year 2020 is Classic Blue. But why? And who makes such decisions? Today, we will find out more about the colour, take a little look at its technical components, and also see how everyone can use it in their marketing strategies.

Who Decides on the Colour of the Year?

The most renowned company that decides the colour of the year is Pantone. It is a franchise founded in 1962. The company manufactured colour cards for companies that manufactured cosmetic products.

It was in 1999 that it announced its first colour of the year. At that time, the first colour it announced to welcome the year 2000 was Cerulean. It is a colour that represents serenity, which was an apt choice because there was a global panic about the Y2K virus.

The technical classification of Classic Blue from Pantone’s colour pallet is Pantone 19-4052. According to one of its leaders, Laurie Pressman, the colour re-assures people of hope, calm, and confidence. Laurie Pressman is the company’s Vice President.

The other source of this colour is China. It has a massive following on its tradition and religious belief called feng shui. This tradition has been around for centuries, and the Chinese even have their own calendar where 12 different animals are highlighted in cycles.

The year 2020 for the Chinese is called Year of the Rat. The colour, however, is not a single one but two, which are white and blue.

What Is the Meaning of the Colour?

The Classic Blue reminds us of the sky at dusk. It is a thoughtful colour but not so dark. It lacks the mystery of the dark, and yet it provokes your thoughts and feelings, as slot games at

If you look at the sky at dusk, you know that the day is almost over, but there is a new day beginning tomorrow. It makes you feel the desire to live on. People of this age have this same feeling about the future, and it is this feeling that serves as the foundation of our hope.
Also, this colour reminds an unforgiving sea which witness you may be while having resort.

We are living in a time when we need hope, trust, and faith. The Classic Blue is just the right colour to embody these things. It does not take the side of any gender, nor of any season, considering that the sky is always blue no matter what time of the year it is.

The colour is also accessible to anybody, and this becomes ideal to welcome the New Year with it regardless of the person’s status in life. Also, people can easily make this colour from plants. There are dyes for sale to make the colour accessible to anybody, which they can use to decorate their homes or dye their clothing.

What Are the Other Lucky Colours?

The Chinese do not use a single colour to welcome the days ahead. In fact, there are various lucky colours in relation to the year you are born, and what element you belong to.

The dominant colours for 2020, according to the Chinese, are gold, white, and blue. Metal is the main element of the coming year, and it is a representation of resistance and durability. Apart from these characteristics, this is the year of those who are loyal and sharp, which pretty much reminds us of soldiers.

The blue colour comes from the Rat, which embodies the water element. It is a symbol of human relationships, influence, and intuition.

The combination of these two elements, water and metal, is a wake-up call for people to manage their finances. It is a great year for people to save in 2020, and it is also a great year to participate in financial activities that will help the individual enrich himself.


Everyone must look forward to the New Year and welcome it with joy. The choice selection of both Pantone and the Chinese is really appropriate as we are all facing issues of mistrust, especially so when fake news abounds on the internet.

At best, gamers and gambling enthusiasts must also look back at 2019’s events as far as their gaming experiences are concerned. They must learn what went wrong and what went right. After that, gamblers are encouraged to figure out what to do to make their experiences better this coming year.

And do not forget to wear something blue on New Year’s Eve. After all, starting the year with the right colour also makes you welcome it with a positive attitude.

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