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How to Make the Best Photos for Instagram

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  • 5 Aug, 2019  |
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Instagram has millions of active users. There is a tiny group of advanced users who seem to look better and live a more photogenic life than others. This is the result of great effort and editing. Here are some simple tips from top bloggers and photographers to help you win Instagram likes.

1 How to Make the Best Photos for Instagram

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1. Do Not Use the Instagram Camera

It has a lack of useful functions that help to build a composition — for example, zoom or grid. Use other apps such as VSCO Cam or Rookie to provide additional options like shutter speed and white balance.

Camera + app offers a stabilization feature that will help to improve the clarity of photos, as well as adjust the exposure. If you have an iPhone, photographer Chris Ozer recommends setting the short shutter speed to compensate the tendency to blur a part of the picture. If there is not enough light outside, the Cortex Cam app will help. It is better to make the unique photo in one of the apps as they comprise more features, for example, the focus to ensure the depth of the frame.

2. Remember About the Composition

Symmetrical pictures are attractive, but most of the pictures are not perfectly symmetrical. Do not mindlessly place the object in the center of the frame - so you risk taking a shot without energy and dynamics.

Use the rule of thirds. This is a classic technique:

‎• imagine a grid that splits a field into identical horizontal and vertical sections;
‎• to create a frame with a good composition, the object should be oriented along these lines.

Just remember that this is a tip, not a rule. Sometimes, it is enough not to place the object in the center. A composition can be simple and offer only one accent.
Alternatively, fill in the entire space of the image so that the viewer has plenty of visual details.

3. Use the Smartphone Memory

The ideal shot is rarely obtained by the first attempt. Whenever you shoot something, take a lot of photos. Click at least five times - and even if it seems that all the shots are great, you will most likely notice: you like one or two pictures more than others. Choose the best one and work with it.

2 How to Make the Best Photos for Instagram

4. Improve Yourself

If you want to have the same smooth skin as your favorite Instagram star, remember: most likely, this is the result of improving. There are a lot of applications that will help you to hide small defects of appearance, such as pimples or flying hair.

Marianna Hewitt uses seven different programs but prefers Facetune — the app which does an excellent job with retouching. There are also free options, as YouCam Perfect or Perfect365, which are used by the Kardashian sisters for all their selfies.

If you want to get rid of the extra details in the frame, the TouchRetouch app will help. Finally, it's nice to play with other features, as saturation or temperature. To highlight details, adjust the sharpness of the photo or slightly increase the contrast. Probably, your phone itself has some of these functions, but such popular image editing programs as Aviary and Faded will definitely offer comprehensive options.

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