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That Make Sense (16 pics)

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  • 3 Feb, 2020  |
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“You don’t actually bite down. You bite up because of your lower jaw.”

1 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Cats, dogs, and other similar animals can’t see directly below their faces. Because their snout gets in the way. That’s why you have to point out the treat a million times, they’re not stupid, the damn thing is just in their blind spot.”

2 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Pirates didn’t wear eye patches because they were missing an eye. They did it so one eye was accustomed to the dark so they could go below deck easier.”

3 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“To ‘fast’ means to abstain from eating. you do this every night when you go to bed. The first meal of the day is called ‘breakfast’ because you’re breaking your fast.”

4 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Just like humans, British cows moo in regional accents.”

5 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Just like a dormitory is a place where you sleep, a laboratory is a place where you labor.”

6 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“The Los Angeles Angels is basically saying ‘The The Angels Angels’ when all in English.”

7 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“You’re twice as likely to be killed by a vending machine than by a shark.”

8 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Goodbye’ is an abbreviation of ‘God be with ye.”

9 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Tear ducts drain tears, they don’t produce them.”

10 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“When you call someone a ‘pussy’ you aren’t referring to the female reproductional organ, but the term ‘pusillanimous’ which means ‘Coward,’ ‘Someone who lacks courage’ or ‘Cowardly.'”

11 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Fire doesn’t have a shadow.”

12 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“When water boils it is the same temperature no matter how big the bubbles are.”

13 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Over 90% of the hands you’ve shaken have touched a penis.”

14 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“Discover. It literally means to dis-cover something.”

15 That Make Sense (16 pics)

“That meme on Facebook that says ‘your porn star name is the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on’ was put out so tha’t hundreds of gullible teenagers would post the answers to their bank security questions.”

16 That Make Sense (16 pics)


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