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Only In China (20 pics)

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  • 30 Jan, 2020  |
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The entrance exam for an art school.

1 Only In China (20 pics)

Squat toilets are common, because many share the opinion that if you empty your bowel sitting, it can harm the digestive process.

2 Only In China (20 pics)

Chinese nightclubs have a new trend where girls and boys hold flashlights in their mouths - they're designed to look pretty and attract attention.

3 Only In China (20 pics)

Some subway stations are very deep like this station in Chongqing that takes about 2.5 minutes to go down.

4 Only In China (20 pics)

People wear their pajamas out - and no, not just to grab the paper, but out to shop, eat, even to work sometimes! Now, what do we have to do to start this trend in the states?

5 Only In China (20 pics)

In China, they've upgraded instant ramen! "I decided to buy local instant noodles. The set included the noodles themselves, broth with mushrooms, onions, meat, seaweed, an egg, water, a special powder that causes a chemical reaction and heats the water up to 90°С, and the dining utensils.”

6 Only In China (20 pics)

Much of the Great Wall of China looks like this, not the tourist photos we typically see.

7 Only In China (20 pics)

Many homes, schools, etc. don’t have central heating so it's normal for people to keep their outwear on where the temperature inside can drop to about 10 degrees Celcius. (That's 50 degrees Fahrenheit for us Americans.

8 Only In China (20 pics)

"Nail Houses" are homes (or businesses) of residents who refuse to leave, so construction workers are forced to work around them.

9 Only In China (20 pics)

Chinese businessmen go to the extreme to attract attention to their products - this is a relatively ordinary brochure distribution stand.

10 Only In China (20 pics)

There are official traffic rules, but no one follows them. Moms with children, old ladies — they all run across the street.

11 Only In China (20 pics)

Many beggars, such as Mr. Chen here, accept donations through the local WeChat payment system.

12 Only In China (20 pics)

There are numerous sites in China where one can rent a boyfriend or girlfriend to avert or calm down their inquisitive Chinese relatives.

13 Only In China (20 pics)

Some women in China wear Face-Kini masks at the beach to preserve pale facial skin.

14 Only In China (20 pics)

If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you can call a service that will send two people - one will take care of your car, and the other will take you away on a motorbike.

15 Only In China (20 pics)

The taste enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) is used as a seasoning there, and is essentially used in every single dish. You can usually find it at the store next to the sugar and salt.

16 Only In China (20 pics)

The "Avatar" Mountains are a real place in China at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.

17 Only In China (20 pics)

In China, the rich and powerful hire body doubles to serve their prison sentence - the practice has become so common it's known as "ding zui."

18 Only In China (20 pics)

It’s normal to take a nap pretty much anywhere during the day because it's believed to boost productivity.

19 Only In China (20 pics)

China has several "Ghost Cities" that were built to help with its overcrowded cities, but because no one would/could move to them, many just sit there abandoned, such as this one in Ordos.

20 Only In China (20 pics)


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