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Signs That Your Car Needs a Mechanic

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  • 3 Jan, 2020  |
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Car trouble is something that every car owner has to deal with at some point in the lifespan of their cars. Sometimes, you’re lucky, and you catch the problem during your visit to the mechanic. Other times, the car breaks down in a very inconvenient situation, and you have to find the nearest mechanic. But then, very often, cars don't just break down without warning. They often give off signals that they need attention. Unfortunately, many car owners miss these warning signs, and that leads to the inevitable breakdown.

1 Signs That Your Car Needs a Mechanic

In this post, we’ll discuss eight signs that your car needs a mechanic. If you see any of these in your car, you should get it checked immediately.

Engine warning light

As obvious as this may seem, it’s actually possible to get used to the engine warning light staying on in your car. Most cars come with sophisticated indicator lights that help you keep an eye on the internal functions. If you see the yellow warning light on your dashboard, it's time to head over to the mechanic at once.
Some cars also have a service light that comes on when they are due for servicing. If your car has this feature, you need to pay close attention to it. The light may just save you from embarrassment down the line.

Smoke or steam coming out from under the hood

This is also high on the list of emergency warning signs. If you notice smoke coming out of your engine, you need to pull over and park the car immediately. Very often, the smoke is a result of overheating. In that case, you need to allow the engine to cool down and ensure there's water in the cooling system.
For a different color of smoke, just turn off the ignition and find a way to get the car to the mechanic. Different colors of smoke can have different meanings. For example, blue smoke is caused by burning oil, and it needs immediate attention. Smoke from the exhaust could also mean that the car needs immediate servicing. In all, any kind of smoke means that you need to get your car checked.

Your AC isn't working properly.

Granted, this isn't as severe as the other items on this list. However, air conditioning is important to a lot of car owners, and a faulty AC system is just as traumatizing as many other car problems. Luckily, many AC problems are quite easy to fix, and may only require a quick change of parts. If your AC needs a low-pressure port cap, you can head over to this link to buy a new one at a great price:

Your steering wheel isn't centered.

This is a very easy sign to spot, and it's a clear sign that your car needs some sort of realignment. If you're traveling straight down a level road, your car’s steering should be very close to being straight. You can tell by the position of the buttons and features on the wheel.
There are usually a few degrees of misalignment, depending on the road. However, generally, your wheel should be straight and centered. If it’s not, you need to visit your mechanic and get an alignment. An alignment can help you prevent problems down the road, and it might even improve your car’s overall performance.

Your vehicle pulls to one side on its own.

This sign also signals a misalignment problem, and it’s just as easy to spot as the first. If you’re driving on a straight, level road and your steering is straight, but your car is pulling to one side, something is off. You might have to turn your steering slightly in the opposite direction just to keep the car traveling straight.
This misalignment can actually cause you serious problems, as well as potential accidents if you don’t get it checked. If you forget about the misalignment, for example, you can run into other vehicles without knowing it.

You observe abnormal wear and tear in some areas.

Many times, wear and tear is the enemy of every car owner. It means that you’ll have to replace some parts soon enough. However, wear and tear can actually be good for you in some situations. It can tell you the condition of your car's alignment. For example, wear patterns on your car's tire can tell you things about your tire pressure, suspension, and even alignment.

These observations can only be made by a qualified technician. However, it can still signal deeper problems. Mechanics often catch these problems during routine maintenance checks. While this is something you may not be able to spot on your own, it’s still important to know what to look out for.

The handling feels loose or off while you're driving.

It takes an exceptional level of observation to catch something like this. If you're driving and your car's handling feels looser than normal, it's definitely time to visit your mechanic. One of the common signs is that the car feels sloppy, and even sluggish, around corners it would normally take without any problems.
Loose handling also has the potential to cause serious accidents if you don’t get it checked immediately. Imagine driving with the idea that your car’s handling is still as firm as it used to be. Swerving to avoid dangers won’t be as easy as it used to be, increasing your risk of a head-on collision.

Unusual noise while driving

Unless you’re driving an electric car, your car is going to make some noises while you drive. These will usually come from the engine and the tires as they rub against the asphalt. But then, if you start hearing strange and unusual noises, it may be a sign that there’s a deeper problem.

Grinding and crunching noises are definitely not normal. It’s even worse if you hear them while slowing down or taking a corner. It could mean that the bearings in your wheels are going bad. It could also mean that your brakes need to be changed. Trying to troubleshoot the problem based on the sound alone is an effort in futility, especially if you’re not an experienced mechanic. It’s much better to take the car to a professional.

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