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Education Projects Worth Investing in 2020

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  • 30 Dec, 2019  |
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Investing in education will always be important. It is a way for young people to improve their knowledge, increase their skill set and improve social interaction. It can lead to better performance in the workplace and allow them to enter professional industries. At the start of the year, every institution will have an education budget for the upcoming year. It is important for them to use it wisely and invest in the latest technology that can help their students. But you may be wondering; what are the latest education projects for 2020? Let’s take a look at some.

1 Education Projects Worth Investing in 2020

Virtual Reality Lessons

There are a lot of degrees out there that are described as ‘practical’ degrees. This means that students complete work experience in a real working environment to understand more about the job. But it is not that easy for a lot of students to get work experience. So, to let everyone learn more, educational institutions can think about investing in virtual reality or VR. Right now, this is something that people like to play for fun. But it can be very useful for learning and being in practice scenarios. So, it is not only fun, but it can be educational. For example, if a student is training to be a nurse, they can use VR to simulate a real-life scenario with a patient. This can help them learn what they should do in any situation that comes their way.

Paperless Feedback and Online Submissions

There are educational institutions that still insist on student’s hand in paper copies of their assignments. In addition, they provide feedback in writing, too and this can take many weeks to complete. In the digital age, we think it makes sense to move this process to one that is paperless. This would make it a lot easier for students and teachers. For example, not a lot of students have a printer for them and it can cost money to do this in a library. It would also save a lot of time and effort if the submission was online. This might save some students missing the digital. For teachers, going through sheets of paper can get complicated and it is easy to lose some. If everything was online, they would be able to take their work anywhere and make sure this did not happen. It would be quicker to type of feedback for every student and this would save them time. Plus, the educational institution can do their bit to help the environment!

Essay Assistance Software

When a student is at college or university, the activity they do the most is writing essays. So, more effort should be made to invest in education assistance software that can help them with this task. For example, there are already referencing apps out there and advice on writing on topics. But what if this could be accessed in one place and used on computers around college? It could also provide links to an online duplicate checker. This is a fantastic piece of software that allows a student to check for duplicates online and to make sure they are not committing plagiarism. For example, the duplicate content finder uses advanced software to scan the web for phrases and ideas that are similar. Using this type of software before submitting a paper would mean a student could correct mistakes and receive a higher grade for their work.

2 Education Projects Worth Investing in 2020

Educational and Academic Apps

There is an app for everything on your mobile phone now. Well, almost everything. One thing that is missing is a good educational app for students. This could be their source of information for their course and it could help them learn. It is now easy to design an app and educational institutions could do for their students. It could be a way to access their assignments, books and submissions. It would have everything in one place and students could learn and keep up with their studies on the move. In particular, studies have found that gamification is a good way for students to learn. It makes it fun and they are more likely to retain information. This is something that could be introduced on an app.

What is your Favourite 2020 Educational Project?

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that educational institutions can use their education budget wisely. To allow all students to gain practical experience in their chosen industry, VR can be a reliable investment. It is a fun and informative way to learn that also means they do not have to take time off away from the classroom. Online feedback and submissions mean moving to a paperless format that would benefit students and teachers. It can save the planet and allow everyone to save time and energy. A lot of students require help with writing essays, so we think essay assistance software is an important investment. Creating a program that included tools such as a duplicate content checker online can be useful. In addition, educational and academic apps can help students learn from anywhere in the world.

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