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Casino Themed Christmas Party

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  • 26 Dec, 2019  |
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A Christmas party for the workplace or community can be a load of fun, especially when based on a casino and gambling theme. Due to the availability of super involving casino games, a Christmas party theme starts with invitations affixed to playing cards or electronic invites that feature Vegas fonts, dices and gambling motifs.

1 Casino Themed Christmas Party

There are casino themes for a Christmas party that represent all the ages that the gambling industry has gone through. An old school casino Christmas party theme will feature the prohibition era speakeasy setting with an underground lounge showcase, while a more current theme has the luxurious details of modern casinos. The speakeasy theme can be recreated by covering up some of the lighting and most of the modern appliances in the Christmas party venue.

A Christmas party theme based on contemporary glitz of Las Vegas will have red carpets, velvet ropes, green felt cloths and sparkle, and the whole idea can be made realistic with pokers chips.

Planning your casino themed Christmas party

Determine an overall budget of entertainment costs for your casino themed Christmas party based on the number of guests expected, and how far you want to take the gambling agenda. The planning phase should, therefore, include the number and type of games to be featured at the party, and choices range from high stakes poker to roulette or blackjack. Games that are easy to learn and have clear rules of engagement will better suit the holiday atmosphere that you're looking to highlight within your casino themed Christmas party.

There should at least be some high-quality gambling tools, and equipment for your casino themed Christmas party and the knowhow to operate them. Have a few guests or colleagues at the casino themed Christmas party stand in as qualified dealers increase realism, and an explosive end of night event should be included to top all the fun.

2 Casino Themed Christmas Party

How to decorate your venue for a casino themed Christmas party

The decorative aspect of your casino themed Christmas party can be closely tied in with your organizations brand or trademark reflections, and realistic props can be improvised from almost anything. A creation that elicits the feeling of being in a casino is most sought for, and the right casino decorations will significantly improve the chances of making your Christmas party a holiday hit.

Casino equipment and tables can be acquired for hire or can even be built easily. For example, See this great article on making an old school slot machines. Also, If none of your colleagues know how to deal roulette, blackjack or baccarat, trained dealers are also available for rent.

What will we be playing for at the Christmas party?

Since the law doesn’t allow the practice of real money betting without a gambling license, it would be illegal to host a real money gambling section. the best idea is to make the prizes into something else like raffle tickets. Unless you live in a country that allows legally to gamble at online casinos, then you could load up a reputable and licensed casino on you PC or smartphone and play with hundreds of casino games that are offered online. And that way you got your self the perfect casino-themed Christmas party. The best online casino out there seems to be Jackpot City Casino, highly respected and recommended worldwide.

A casino themed Christmas party at the church, workplace or institution will have guests that can benefit from giveaways and prizes based on their day to day environment. Tech gadgets, gift vouchers, coupons and tickets to shows are excellent replacements for winning hands in the casino games at the Christmas party.

What is there to eat and drink during the casino themed Christmas Party?

Bars are synonymous with casinos, and your Christmas party with a theme based on gambling is going to have drinks flowing. The casino themed Christmas parties can also make the bar service a reflection of Vegas mock-tails and James bond martini glass servings of wine, beer and pre-mixed cocktails. In the same vein of correlation, the menu at your casino themed Christmas party should resonate with the Las Vegas culture of snacking on finger foods or foraging into a self-service buffet.

A slot machine fruits salad, for instance, will involve skewers of melon balls, cherries, orange sections and grapes, after the revellers have enjoyed mini roulette pizza wheels and diced Jell-O shots. The luxurious feel to your modern casino themed Christmas party will have a lot of black and red coloured food schemes which can be topped with a lot of licorice twists, napkins and table cloths. Fancy hors d' oeuvres and full cuisines will complement the contemporary casino themed Christmas party.

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