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The Best Presents to Buy for a Car Lover: 2019 Edition

  • Category: Pics  |
  • 20 Dec, 2019  |
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If you have a partner or a friend that loves everything about cars, but you don't have a clue where to start, then this is a great place to start. Our guide covers the best books and films you can buy for your petrolhead friends. If budget isn't an issue, then you might be able to buy some new fuel injectors from Ford, but if it's stocking fillers you're looking for, then books and films are a great choice.

100 Years of Bentley – Andrew Noakes

Bentley has one of the longest and richest histories of any car manufacturer, and few brands have the prestige that Bentley carries. Andrew Noakes takes on the last century of Bentley's history and recounts the major milestones that are an entertaining ride of itself. It starts in the early 20th century documenting Bentley's time as an apprentice up to the rise of the company and brand, as well as a household name. This book would make a perfect gift for anyone that loves classic cars and their history. There are copies available as a hardback, as well as on Kindle.

Car Hacks

Car Hacks is a book made for people that spend too much time in the garage tinkering with their motor. It's a DIY manual full of tips on how to keep your car running perfectly yourself, with lots of tricks you may not have heard of before. This includes using toothpaste to buff out small scuffs to your car's bodywork and using socks to keep your window wipers properly functioning over the winter. This is a fun and useful gift for car lovers and will be something they may be using for years.

Ciao, Stirling: The Inside Story of a Motor Racing Legend - Valerie Pirie

Valerie Pirie is the former long-time secretary of the famous race car driver Sir Stirling Moss. For anyone that has a passion for racing and is a fan of Sir Stirling, this is a fascinating book about his life from an interesting perspective that can be bought in both physical and digital copies. Valerie Pirie was in a unique perspective as Sir Stirring Moss' secretary, which meant that she saw a lot of his biggest triumphs, as well as his lowest moments, such as his crash in 1962 that ended his career very closely. Her writing is engaging, and this could make for the perfect boxing day read by the fire.

Grease Junkie: A Book of Moving Parts – Edd China

Edd China is well-known for presenting the UK show 'Wheeler Dealers,' dedicated to a love for the motorized vehicle, from outlandish projects to buying and selling. These projects and adventures have been chronicled in his new book 'Grease Junkie: A Book of Moving Parts.' This is a great stocking filler choice for anyone that's a fan of Edd China or the show, as it gives lots of interesting behind the scenes information about what happened on the show, as well as why he famously left.

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