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The World's Most Haunted Casinos

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  • 27 Nov, 2019  |
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1 The World's Most Haunted Casinos

Different people are attracted to different things. For example, gamers are attracted to the various games and consoles produces by the gaming industry as a whole. Casino enthusiasts are attracted to the bonuses and promotions of an online casino. Everyone likes something that is enjoyable only to them which is why different things appeal to different people. Maybe that’s why the unknown and the supernatural has always fascinated man.

Because of this fascination, people visit places that are thought to be haunted. Usually, castles and houses are the places haunted by ghosts and the source of strange sightings. Reports of strange sounds are frequent with old homes but not that frequent with casinos. They would be a weird place to be haunted since they’re seen as places where people go to have fun. Being scared to death in a casino? It seems highly unlikely, right?

The truth is that haunted places have a certain trauma related to them or some connection that binds the supposed spirits to that place. Casinos fit this description which is why some of them are haunted. Some of the most haunted ones are Luxor, Bally’s Resort & Casino, and Flamingo located in Las Vegas.


Ancient Egypt is a symbol of the peak of human knowledge at a time. It’s also a popular theme with casinos and consequently a theme that inspired Luxor. It has its own pyramid and sphinx to make itself more authentic to the Egyptian style background. Some might find this spooky, while others might be fascinated by it. Believe it or not, this casino is rumored to be haunted.
 It all started in 1993 when the resort was being built. The construction workers involved found themselves in unexplained accidents come of which resulted in death. The casino is known for being a place where group suicides have happened which is thought to be because of the evil spirits surrounding it.

Bally’s Resort & Casino

Before it was a famous casino, Bally’s Resort was the great MGM Grand hotel that suffered from a fire in 1980. Above 80 people lost their lives in that fire that was deemed the second biggest fire in US history. When Bally’s Resorts & Casino was built people reported strange sightings. Ghosts and apparitions were seen wandering the floors in the dead of night. No one knows whether these reports are true or not but they surface from time to time.


Flaming is known to ghost hunters as the most haunted casino in the world. Bugsy Siegel was the one who established the casino and he did so by illegal means. Since he was a notorious mobster was only a matter of time his life of crime caught up with him and in 1974 he was shot to death. Since his passing, it is said that his spirit haunts the casino to this day. People have reported seeing him in the Presidential suite and beside the swimming pool. The cleaning staff has even quit their jobs because of this. Reports are frequently being made which means Bugsy’s death doesn’t stop him from walking around his hotel.

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