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The Ridiculous Stereotypes About Australia That Everyone Has Heard At Least Once

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  • 19 Nov, 2019  |
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We’ve all heard at least a couple of those — ridiculous stereotypes about typical Australians and what life is like on this strange continent is like. Some of those Australian stereotypes might be funny, some — not so much, but today we are going to examine and write about some of the most enduring and ridiculous stereotypes to help you figure out what this country is like and what it isn’t.

1 The Ridiculous Stereotypes About Australia That Everyone Has Heard At Least Once

1. Australia is a Huge Desert

Some people think that there’s a thin and more or less green coastal line there and that everything else is just a gigantic desert. In fact, this stereotype is relatively true to actual reality. As a fact of a matter, 80% of the Australian population live in cities that are indeed located within 100 kilometers of the coastline. Yet there’s still life in other parts of the country too. There are some of the most exciting ecosystems hidden there, so it’s more than just a barren desert. 

2. Student Country

Australia quickly turns into an international student hub, which is why there exists a modern stereotype about Australia being really student-friendly. Some say that you could study there with your eyes shut and that it is a real piece of cake. Whether it’s true or not, the student writing service can be one thing contributing to it. With Edubirdie Australia, any essay is a piece of cake. That’s the reason why millions of college students move to Australia every year. 

3. Country Build by Criminals

If there has ever been the most offensive stereotype Australians hate, it’s this one. In a century between 1788 and 1888, roughly 200,000 convicts were sentenced to exile in Australia. It was a British colony that often served as a prison to the enemies of the crown. That is why there certainly is some seed of truth to this stereotype, but of all the Australian people stereotypes, this one is the most hateful. While it is true that hundreds of thousands of British convicts lived in the country, it is also true that equal numbers of people, professional labourers, came to this continent from all around the world willingly. These people build this country and they fathered the nation Australians are today. 

4. Everything Tries to Kill You

This is an example of a funny but also disturbing stereotype. We saw thousands of posts from people writing about these deadly creatures that populate the entire country, and it seems that there really are tons of crazy, almost alien-looking animals that can kill you in a blink of an eye. There even is a special service that removes such animals from people’s houses. In fact, these services are so effective that a recent essay published by the researchers from the Melbourne University claims that you are more likely to get killed by a horse than by all of those scary abominations. This, of course, does not mean you cannot get eaten by a shark, devoured by a crocodile, paralyzed by venomous jellyfish, or bitten by a creepy little spider. 

2 The Ridiculous Stereotypes About Australia That Everyone Has Heard At Least Once

5. Riding and Fighting Kangaroos

You might have seen a viral video or two of Australians doing some weird stuff involving Kangaroos. There’re videos of people mounting and riding Kangaroos as if they were horses, and there even was that famous video of a dude boxing with a Kangaroo. So, are these fellers so crazy as to fight a freaking Kangaroo? Apparently, at least one of them is. It is also true that Kangaroos can be seen even in large cities; sometimes they just roll into your town, and you can’t do anything about it. In fact, Australians love and respect these animals, considering them a symbol of their continent. Indeed, if there is a single most recognized Australian animal, it is a Kangaroo. 

6. All Australians are Surfers

Australia is known for its amazing surfing beaches, and because of that, there exists a stereotype about Australians being the best surfers in the world. The truth is that the world’s surfing championships are dominated by Brazilian athletes, and Australians sit humbly on the 7th rank. It is also true that some of the world’s best surfing beaches are situated in Australia, and considering the majority of the country’s population living in the coastal area — no wonder they surf from time to time.

7. Fit and Tan

A recurring media image of Australians being all tan and fit is rather positive for the overall outlook of the nation, but it is not entirely true to reality. People in Australia are diverse, and you can’t tell all of them are fitness models. More so, in recent decades, obesity has become a serious problem among Australian adults with about 60% of them being overweight. Having this sun-kissed look also comes with a price as Australia leads the world in skin cancer rates. 

Wrapping Up

Well, Australia is really a strange country, but no stranger than any other country might look to an outsider. This is a marvelous land that is filled with spectacular and sometimes dangerous animals, amazing and really diverse people, terrific landscapes, and fascinating history. Stereotypes are a funny thing because they sometimes reflect reality in a rather peculiar manner, but we must all be respectful to each other regardless of our peculiarities. We must all accept our differences, cherish our strengths, and humbly acknowledge our weaknesses. Australia and its people are amazing, so it might be a good idea to learn more about them and not let negative stereotypes influence your opinions. 

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