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What is it like to be a player in Canada

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  • 14 Nov, 2019  |
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1 What is it like to be a player in Canada

Brief history of gambling in North America

Canada and the United States have different legislations when it comes to gambling. But there are a lot of similarities. It makes understanding online games in Canada can be very tricky. Until 1969 any kind of casinos were forbidden in Canada and it didn’t change until recently. The first laws allowed games with real money prizes in 1969. Canadian provinces were allowed to hold their own lotteries which helped them to fund local projects.

25 years later the government made a new decision. It allowed its provinces to have casinos. But there was another problem. Federal law prohibits to operate a betting house or be found inside it.

Internet brings changes

After the beginning of the online era this law could not regulate online betting anymore because online casinos have real money slot machines, but a person is not located inside a house, but is sitting in front of a PC or a mobile device.

It was not the only positive effect of the Internet era on online games. In 2012, the very first legal online casino in the whole North America was created by British Columbia. The purpose of it was to fill the local budget with money that otherwise would go overseas. The residents of this Canadian territory were able to play now fully legally.

But most operators work offshore. It means that they are not registered in North America but operate legally in other countries where online gambling is allowed. This way the users from North America can play their favorite games without even leaving their homes.
The most important part of researching is finding a good place people can trust.

Changes are welcome

If the laws will change in the future, most of the gambling sites will be regulated by official. It will lead to more faith in online business. Finding a good online casino is not easy. Some people do all testings alone, others use websites like to find a list of good casinos. The leading role play user reviews. Because only the players can warn other gamblers if the site doesn’t follow rules and makes something wrong.

Until then we all have to wait for the governments to decide how they want to protect players in the digital era. By more prohibition that doesn’t always work, or by more regulations, which will make online business harder to run but will also protect its customers.

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