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Interesting Blackjack Facts

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  • 30 Oct, 2019  |
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Whether you are visiting a land-based casino or even one of your favourite online sites, the trendiest table game to play right now is blackjack. For those of you who don’t know much about this popular card game, there are few facts that will truly amaze you. With the details you are about to read, you can surprise all your friends and keep them chatting about this amazing game for hours. You may even try your luck by playing Schmitts Live Blackjack where you can compete against other like-minded players in real-time and possibly walk away with a stash of cash.

1 Interesting Blackjack Facts

1. It's a Skill-Based Game

There are a very few casino games in the industry where your decisions carry some weight and blackjack is one of them. This game is also totally different from slot games, where you simply have to click or press on a button to get your wagers going. There are some major elements when playing online blackjack, and it requires a good understanding of the rules of the game and of course, your instincts. Features such as insurance and multi-hands are excellent techniques to generate extra profits along with knowing your bet size and bankroll management.

2. It comes With a Low House Edge

If you didn't know it, well, now you do. The game of blackjack has the lowest house edge when compared to other casino games. Then again, this is only valid if you are playing with a single deck since it reduces the house edge to a mere 1.5%, thus making it a brilliant option to increase the odds of winning at a significant rate.

3. There's No Restriction or Law on Card Counting

Many of us may already know this; one of the many strategies’ that players use when playing blackjack is to count cards. But did you know that there are no restrictions or laws that forbid you from card counting? Bear in mind that this strategy only applies when playing at a land-based casino as it's virtually impossible to count cards at an online casino.

4. Number 16 is the Worst Hand

Getting a hand that totals 16 is the worst hand you can be dealt in any game of blackjack. As a rule, you should split every 16 consisting with a pair of eights, with a chance for an 18 in either or both hands as a result.

5. Lucky Number Eleven

The best hand to get when playing blackjack is a perfect 21, but then on the other hand, the number 20 is the second-best, and then again, the third-best hand you can get is an 11. The reason why we mention this is based on the following. When you are dealt with 11, you simply need a value of 10 to complete your win. This is what makes this hand so promising.

There are loads of excellent games at casinos, but blackjack still remains one of the most popular options at casinos for good reason. Now that you have discovered some of the interesting and cool facts, you can certainly tell your friends about this at the next social event!

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