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The Best Apps for Keeping Track of Assignments

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  • 28 Oct, 2019  |
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With so many deadlines looming on the horizon, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to determine what you should do first to make sure that everything gets done on time. The ability to keep a good track of assignments makes the difference between a stressed student and a self-assured and confident student.

The fastest way to improve your time management skills is to use a good online student planner. Since your smartphone is always within easy reach, having a reliable app that schedules your tasks is a perfect way to keep yourself accountable for how you use your time. Plus, the best student planner will declutter your mind because you won’t feel the pressure of having to remember everything.

1 The Best Apps for Keeping Track of Assignments

Find the Best Homework Planner Applications for UK Students

Read on to find the best apps on iOS and Android for staying organized, keeping track of assignments, planning your day, and much more. We present to you the most useful online student planner tools specifically made with educational purposes in mind, but also apps that can prove instrumental in improving time management, productivity, and focus.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework is undoubtedly the best homework planner for university students. This app comes with a calendar where you can easily add appointments, deadlines, exam dates, and more. The app features do not stop here, as you also have the possibility to set up alerts for upcoming classes or deadlines. With this excellent assignment tracker, you’ll never forget about a task again.

While a due date tracker is helpful, what happens when you look at it and realize that your assignment is due tomorrow and you haven’t yet started on it? Can I find my assignment help online? Yes, with a service like the Edubirdie website you can pay someone to write an assignment for you. So, you can respect the deadline on your assignment tracker with this service.

The Homework App

A homework app like this can be the most useful thing you will ever download from the App Store. This minimalist app offers you all the features you need to develop a good homework schedule and organize your tasks by day. After inputting all the info, each day you will get an overview of the number of classes to attend, assignments due soon, and scheduled meetings.

Using color-coding, you can add details for each particular assignment. The Homework App is also a great assignment tracker because it sends you notifications, so you don’t forget about an upcoming deadline.


While not specifically for students, Todoist is a great offline and online student planner, which can help you juggle your many assignments and duties. You can split your homework into subtasks and add each of them to a new to-do list and thus have a better handle on how much time a task will require.

This homework tracker allows you to set time, date, and location for each task, along with a reminder. Many students struggle with deadlines, so a good due date tracker like Todoist can give you a feeling of security knowing that you can have everything ready in advance.

2 The Best Apps for Keeping Track of Assignments

My Study Life

Many consider My Study Life the best student planner for iOS. With a simple interface, this homework app packs up a lot of features. The “Tomorrow” feature shows your next-day schedule with every class you have to take and how many assignments are due. Whenever two duties overlap, such as two classes or two exams at the same time, you receive an alert so you can immediately reschedule.

As a homework tracker, My Study Life is highly efficient because the daily views are very detailed to not leave space for confusion. The app also allows weekly and monthly views so you can know in advance how much free time you have left for other activities.

What’s the Best Homework App?

The best student planner is the one that can best serve your particular needs. Think about your main weaknesses when it comes to productivity and time management. Do you procrastinate on your homework? Maybe splitting a task into smaller steps with a homework planner can help you. Do you often forget about deadlines? A due date tracker can remind you in time about a deadline.

Educational applications for your smartphone are your best bet if you want to organize your time as a student. With the homework tracker, you can see clearly where your focus should be on a regular basis.

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